How can I tell what is selling on Etsy?

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Original Post

BetsyLola says

I have recently joined Etsy and put 10 items up. I do not know what direction to go for the next 10 items, how can I tell what is REALLY selling here? I have had lookers but no comments no purchases, I am curious to know what is actually moving on Etsy is there a way to find out? Thanks....

Posted at 9:10am Sep 2, 2010 EDT


You can look on Time Machine 2 under the Just Sold link:

Posted at 9:12am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

BetsyLola says

Where is the Just Sold Link please?

Posted at 9:13am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

at the top of the page in the link I posted.

Posted at 9:14am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

MaddyAnne says

Someone posted this link last night for trends and tips for the upcoming month. They have one every month.

Posted at 9:15am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

BetsyLola says

Thank you! So you go to a sellers page and it shows what just sold. Got it! I think I know what direction I need to go in now...THANKS all!!

Posted at 9:16am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

well..... if you go to the Time Machine 2 link:

and at the top of the page, be sure it is on Just Sold, you can see things that Just Sold.

Posted at 9:18am Sep 2, 2010 EDT

Allthingsgranny, when I click on your link it just directs me to the Etsy home page. I just want to see in general, items that are selling so I know where to focus my attentions. Suzanne

Posted at 6:57pm Nov 4, 2015 EST