Etsy vs Zibbet, or both?

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Original Post

lalaballet says

Is it worth having two shops online? I did business cards with etsy only and am thinking about opening zibbet too. I need to work on my etsy shop but once I get that going well then would it be more of a help or a hinderance to keep up with two shops?

Posted at 3:16pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT


lalaballet says

Also, what are the ups and downs of both, what do you prefer, and why?

Posted at 3:17pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

AnyOldTime says

I just signed up for the free 2 months premium zibbet. I am kind of curious if it will help in seo search for popular items that get buried here.

Posted at 3:18pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

UmeOrigami says

I think it really depends on the type of items you sell. If you sell items that can be recreated and duplicated, then having two shops is definitely doable. It takes work -- for the sake of SEO, your listings needs to be worded differently and it means promoting two different links. However, I wouldn't call it unmanageable. If you make only OOAK items, then it might be a more difficult proposition because you would need to fill up two different stores. Having a fully stocked store is pretty important here and I would venture to say that it is pretty important everywhere.

As for the ups, I think getting exposure with two different audiences and being part of two awesome communities. When things get slow over here, sometimes my sales pick up the slack elsewhere. The reseller problem is not a bad elsewhere as it is on etsy (but they do still exist). I don't think having two stores is necessarily a solution to low sales, but I have not regretted expanding outside of etsy. I feel like my eggs are not in one basket, so to say.

My other selling account is on Zibbet and I have been pleased so far. If you wanted to try the two month thing, do it and see if it is for you?

I will say that the only major setback I encounter is finding the time to EQUALLY promote both shops. I enjoy doing what I do and I have the time to promote both venues, but I couldn't open a third... I think that would kill me, lol.

Posted at 3:27pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

@UmeOrigami how do you promote both shops? Isn't it confusing for your clients when you provide to different links or do your shops have completely different items?

I have a shop on Zibbet but only worked on it like 1 or 2 months and the views were extremely low and I got discouraged. Now that they have made some changes I'll probably try it again.

Posted at 3:30pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

Marking 'cause I'm curious myself....

Posted at 3:31pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

UmeOrigami says

I have both shop links on my business card, website, and I tweet and facebook, and blog about them both. So far, I haven't heard about any confusion. It just like having two stores that sell your favorite fragrance. You know you can get them at both :) I have some customers that will only shop on Etsy, others that only shop at my other venue. I have some that do both and will go where the deal is. And I have others who just don't care.

Zibbet has options for me to mark sale items and coupon codes so any promotions I have go directly there. That is a big deal for me and my "regulars" will often check there to see if there are any items that are on their way out that have been discounted. So far, Etsy has been my venue to debut new lines because I get more natural exposure here. I know I could just put all of my energy into one, but so far I like keeping one foot in each market.

It is summer so both shops look very similar right now, but I am working on a new line which will appear first on here, while I move other product over there. Love both equally though :)

Posted at 3:43pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

Yeah, the thing on Etsy is that I get exposure just by listing or renewing. On Zibbet I don't get exposure by listing, it's very slow (or used to be) but there's also no way to renew and I really can't add that many items, since I have a full time job and a family, additional to my jewelry shop. Anyways, I think I will give it a try again and do as you say, just promote both equally :)

Posted at 3:49pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

Been on Etsy since February- 522 sales.

Been on zibbet since last October- 1 sale, and it happened like 2 weeks ago.

The answer is pretty clear for me. I will not be leaving Etsy any time soon. Besides, having the same listings in more than one shop messes up your SEO. My Zibbet is still there, but I gave up on doing anything with it long ago.

I'd rather invest my time with Etsy, then spread myself too thin.

Posted at 3:53pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT

Thats since *this* February, just to clarify...

Posted at 3:53pm Sep 2, 2010 EDT