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Never heard of The Handmade Movement, home of the Sneak Attack? Our mission is to encourage new and undiscovered Etsy artisans!

Read all about it on:

Like the sound of that? Come on in - ALL ARE WELCOME HERE! We are glad that you stopped by, and appreciate your support!

Find us on online at:

Website: www.handmademovement.com
FaceBook: facebook.com/thehandmademovement
Twitter: twitter.com/Sneak_Attacks
Sneaker's Shop: SNEAKteam.etsy.com

Posted at 7:19pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT


Stopping by. :)

Posted at 7:20pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

Hello Jmay! Welcome!

Posted at 7:25pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

You made it in on the first page.

Posted at 7:25pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

Hello JOY! Welcome to page 1!

Posted at 7:28pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

Thanks for starting the thread, Larue!

Hello jmayoriginals!

Posted at 7:29pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

I think I will go post this thread to last night's SA thread, so that people (new shops) can find us.

Posted at 7:30pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

Hello! Happy Friday!

Posted at 7:34pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT

LaBeq says

I just got back in from playing on the lathe, checked the old thread, and something told me I should come over to this thread. ('Something' like larue posting the link fifty million times!)

Posted at 7:36pm Sep 3, 2010 EDT