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Original Post

AllyBu says

According to my analytics I have had 894 hits today which is almost 4 times more than last Saturday. 468 have been direct hits although I haven't been on the front page or on storque. I was featured in an article for MSN Money, but that shows up by itself, so that isn't causing the direct traffic. Any ideas on how I can find out what is driving this increase in direct traffic? Thanks

Posted at 11:15 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT


Maybe a treasury

Posted at 11:16 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

WOW!! GOOD FOR YOU! Did you try socialmention.com? And a treasury search on craftopolis?

Posted at 11:16 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

you can search for your treasury here, just type in your name on the treasury page

Posted at 11:18 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Thanks! I'm in treasuries, but no more than usual. I thought about other features but I am most curious about the Etsy direct traffic. If they came to my shop through outside features, would it show up as direct?

Posted at 11:20 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

cmu55 says

You may not be able to figure out where the hits are coming from so just enjoy!!! Congrats!!

Posted at 11:23 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

ladaworks says

Congratulations, hope you got lot's of sales from it.

Posted at 11:27 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

Keikeaux says

twistedbeading thanks for the tip on socialmention.com.

Posted at 11:28 pm Sep 4, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Thanks everybody.

Posted at 7:59 am Sep 5, 2010 EDT

Hope it will help to increase your sell.

Posted at 8:38 am Sep 5, 2010 EDT

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