Acrylic Spray / Varnish / Sealer for Base Metal Jewelry

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Original Post

I was looking into sprays for base metal wire jewelry. I've read a lot on acrylic sprays, but can't seem to find any jewelry specific. Has anyone had luck with a particular spray (whether acrylic or not) on their base metal jewelry (and if non-toxic, even better - though sprays are often not)? I know there is the RioGrande Midas sealer, but that is not a spray. So, I was hoping there was a spray that you might like. Also, if you know of a spray that doesn't change the appearance much of your jewelry, I'd appreciate that too (maybe it's just a suggestion on matte vs. gloss, but if you have other guidance, that would be great!)!


Posted at 12:02am Sep 5, 2010 EDT


kahlaw says

I can't say for sure on wire jewelry, but I do use sealants on my metal picks to protect against accidental scratches. I've used lots of different ones and they've all been good for different things.

Krylon Triple Thick gives a nice glassy surface. However, it definitely looks like the metal is coated with a clear protective layer. I've also used Rustoleum clear spray found in hardware paint sections. I like this cause it's meant to keep metal from rusting, so it seals very well. It also has a glassy surface, although I think it might also come in matte?

Currently I've got a can of Design Master Clear Finish Gloss spray, found in the craft store. Even though it says gloss, it's not glass-like. It's just very smooth and changes the look of the metal the least, imo. I've never tried a matte spray, that might be better on metals that have more of a satin finish.

Posted at 2:55am Sep 5, 2010 EDT

I read somewhere that this one is good Haven't tried it myself though.

Posted at 6:30am Sep 5, 2010 EDT

I have tried several things and while they coat the metal ok, if scratched they tend to show up more than natural scratches on the metal.

If do use renaissance wax as a sealer as it does slow down the natural tarnishing process of the metal, greatly. It runs about 17.00 dollars a small jar, but lasts a long time, I have had mine for over a year, you only need a dab.

Posted at 7:35am Sep 5, 2010 EDT

kahlaw says

MichelleVerbeeck says:
I have tried several things and while they coat the metal ok, if scratched they tend to show up more than natural scratches on the metal.

True, the white of scuffed/flaking varnish is more obvious and harder to fix than regular little nicks and scratches. Not a big deal on flat pendants, but I wouldn't spray coat rings or anything that'd get knocked around a lot.

Posted at 7:54am Sep 5, 2010 EDT