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Original Post

kathy9233 says

I'm considering selling on Etsy but I love the feature on Ebay where you can donate a portion of your sale to a designated charity. Is there a way to do that on Etsy?

Posted at 7:19 pm Sep 8, 2010 EDT


Not as yet. You'd have to make the donation yourself after the sale.

Posted at 7:19 pm Sep 8, 2010 EDT

thefrogbag says

You can state that you do that, but Etsy doesn't do it for you. However, lots of teams do organized charity drives.

Posted at 7:20 pm Sep 8, 2010 EDT

be sure to follow Etsy's rules on charitable listings:

Charitable listings and shops
DOs and DON'Ts > Shops and listings > Charitable listings and shops
Etsy understands that members may wish to participate in fundraising for charitable organizations and causes. Charitable fundraising is subject to many laws, and unfortunately, there exist unsavory people who may attempt to take advantage of your good will. Therefore, for the protection of our community, Etsy has established some policies regarding charitable listings and shops that use charitable fundraising as a promotional tool. Members participate in charitable fundraising at their own risk.

Members represent that any charitable fundraising complies with all applicable laws.
A seller who promotes that their Etsy shop engages in charitable fundraising on behalf of a recognized tax-deductible charitable organization (for example: 501(c)(3) status or equivalent with the IRS, similar legally-recognized non-U.S. charitable organization) must receive appropriate consent from the charitable organization.
The seller must include clear information about the organization and donation details in the listing and/or Public Profile.
Listings created solely to solicit for donations are not permitted. All listings on Etsy must be for a tangible item available for sale.
Members must comply with all policies, including Etsy's Community and Conversations policies. Members must not send unsolicited donation requests.
A charitable shop involving multiple people must comply with all applicable rules concerning collective shops.

Posted at 7:30 pm Sep 8, 2010 EDT

So if I plan on donating a certain percentage of my proceeds to a charity, and I state that in my listing, am I okay? I don't want to claim it on my taxes for a deduction. Just a donation to an organization I believe in, out of the goodness of my heart. I used to donate a certain amount of my weekly wages at work, and never claimed a deduction on my taxes.

Posted at 12:05 am Sep 10, 2010 EDT

I'm donating all the proceeds of my little house magnets to Haiti relief.

Posted at 10:29 pm Sep 25, 2010 EDT

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