Kill a thread to get FREE keychain on Your choice

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Original Post

snis says

OK. There is a simple rule:

Visit my shop:
and choose one product from keychain section that You like and post it here.

Person that kills this thread for 24 hours will get choosen keychain absolutely FREE.

Posted at 8:48pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT


All the keychains are adorable.. but something about this bee just really got to me.

I like the froggy one and the puppy one and little mice one too!!! It's really hard to choose which is my favorite.

Posted at 8:55pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

snis says

Thank you crazycraftfrog. Glad that you like them :)

Posted at 9:07pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

snis says

Just one person wants our keychain?

Posted at 9:19pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

snis says

I can't believe that you all will let my very first threadkiler thread to die young?

Posted at 9:43pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

Cute shop! This is my favourite:

But they're all really cute. I love the faces on the animals; they made me giggle!

Posted at 9:50pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

snis says

You make wonderful photos. I like the colors on them. So warm.

Posted at 10:00pm Sep 9, 2010 EDT

snis says

Hi FindingStarlight, wellcome to the thread. :)

Posted at 4:03am Sep 10, 2010 EDT

snis says

Is there anybody else that wish to participate???

Posted at 10:21am Sep 10, 2010 EDT