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the wrong points were my fault
it was getting late last night and I messed up
but I know most of you are not surprised, glad someone caught it
Guess I was just in a generous mood
lets just keep this simple:


if that person doesn't end up keeping track of their own points - or going back through the thread to see if anyone they invited popped in - it's their loss! :P

Posted at 11:18am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

y'all know I meant helpful
no worries. just don't try to keep track of it all. :P

Posted at 11:19am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

galla15 said:
DARN YOU NIKID!!! I am working me hiney off to catch up to you and you keep sending all these new people in :((


How did you get to 2000 points so darn fast ;(

I'm not even in the game just an observer

Posted at 11:19am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

galla15 says

LOL Donna, that you don't dare make a change to the list


It is ok if mistakes happen, they can be fixed. You meant well.... I know I made a mistake the other day and Jerise straightened me out LOL

Posted at 11:19am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

nope need to add 1 to the sales
did you add it when you posted the next list? i don't want to fix it if you did.. still on page 130...

Posted at 11:21am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

galla15 says

Mott: We are in the middle of a contest where certain things get you points. If you have the most points at the end, actually right now the top 4 point earners will WIN the gift certificates donated.

SO, you do not have to buy in to donate if you want... at least I wouldn't you have to. I mean if you just wanted to donate to the thread to be nice and not get points for the contest I guess you could.

But if you buy into the list then you can start racking up points to maybe win some goodies :)

Posted at 11:21am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

yes the last list has the sale change

Posted at 11:21am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

MottCrochetGifts says:
So, I guess i'm silly. I don't get the donation of the gift certificates. You have to buy in to the list before you can donate? How does this work?
no, i don't think you need to be on the list to donate - but you need to be on the list to get your points.

Posted at 11:21am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

nikid says

Bonus Points:

100pts ■□ LEAVE COMMENT www.parenting.com/gallery/Child/Click-to-Buy-Homemade-Halloween-Cos...

25pts ■□ add cybersewingfairy.etsy.com and sharkboycostume.etsy.com to your favorites

50pts ■□ BLOG about Linda's Parenting.com feature - (send sharkboycostume.etsy.com a link to your blog feature)

5pts ■□ FACEBOOK/TWITTER Parenting link

I did all 4 of the above!!

Here is my blog link: nicoleshomemadetreats.blogspot.com/2010/09/sharing-sunday.html

So, that gets me 180 points!

Posted at 11:21am Sep 12, 2010 EDT

added RusticRedo sale onto list from page 113 and changed her description to where she had it.......I'm pretty sure all is well no
ok, got it. thanks! :)

Posted at 11:22am Sep 12, 2010 EDT