Craft fair display for bags/purses

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Original Post

AllyBu says

Hello. I would love to see the displays any of you have used for craft fairs. Am particularly interested in bags and totes. Thanks!!

Posted at 1:25pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT


Marking... thinking about this question also

Posted at 2:47pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

WearMe says

I dont have any pictures or sell bags or totes, but what about a coat hanger, like the wooden ones?

Posted at 3:01pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

BizzieLizzie once suggested stuffing them with tissue paper so they would stand up on tables and stuff.

I thought this was an awesome idea and have since used it!

Posted at 3:05pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

flymama says

I got two 1.5" x 4' dowel rods and mounted them in 6"x6" blocks of wood (I drilled a hole in it and then fit it done in there with quite a bit of wood glue too!) On the table I used c-clamps to hold down the 6"x6" wood pieces at either end of the table. Then I tied a colorful bunting between the two and used clothespins to hang my little purses to the bunting. I have also used an antique screen and added hooks on the slats. Flickr has some great craft show displays that you might want to check out as well.

Posted at 3:11pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

This is a great resource:

Just search for purse or bag!

Posted at 3:13pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Thanks everybody. knotworkshop I did stuff mine with newspaper last time. Also, put pea gravel in baggies and put it in the bottom so the bags wouldn't topple over.

Posted at 5:28pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Thanks flymama. Great idea.

Posted at 5:28pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Thanks ellierosedesigns. Going to check out flickr now.

Posted at 5:29pm Sep 11, 2010 EDT

AllyBu says

Bumping in case anybody else has ideas.

Posted at 7:20pm Oct 1, 2010 EDT