Where the hell did the page # box go?!

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Original Post

kjbeads says

searching through categories and if I leave and want to return, there's no box to enter the page # I want to return to.

i have to go through them all ( or jump a few ahead) or all the way to the last page. No in between.


etsy, why oh why do you keep fixing what isn't broke.

This is so frustrating.

I by something on page 11, want to continue browsing to maybe buy more and have to waste time going back through pages of things I've already seen.

Good thing I didn't buy off page 350

Posted at 6:24pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT


Yes, i feel your pain. We really do need the box.

Posted at 6:29pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

thank you, kj!
*i miss this a LOT.

Posted at 6:31pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

kjbeads says

it used t be there.

Please return the jump to page box in search.


Posted at 6:31pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

kjbeads says

when there are thousands of pages in a category, how can you not have a jump to box?

Posted at 6:31pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

LaBeq says

Agreed. It needs to come back. In the meantime, though, I just change the number in the url to take me to the page I want to go to. Less user-friendly, but it works.

Posted at 6:32pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

kjbeads says

perfect example. I try to search about 100 pages a day of glass beads. I need to do a different set each day, not the same ones over and over.

sooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated right now.

Posted at 6:32pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

kjbeads says

thanks LaBeq. not sure why I didn't think of that. I should have. but then again, I bet others don't either.

user friendly is the name of the game for sales.


be intuitive etsy. be intuitive for once

Posted at 6:34pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

BusyTimmy says

I possibly hate the removal of that page box more than any of the other multitude of updates they've made recently.

Why, for the love of God, WHY????

Posted at 6:34pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT

PomDecors says

I've found stuff to buy on page 350 of a category. Obviously, I won't ever again.

This isn't something designed to help shoppers find items they want to buy. I wonder why this change was made....such a mystery ;-)

Posted at 6:35pm Sep 14, 2010 EDT