A way to search for items sold on Etsy?

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Original Post

kypeep says

I'm not finding any way to do a search to find what has been sold. I would like to search by a particular word, such as "dog" or "cat." Am I looking right past that feature or is it not on Etsy?

Posted at 2:13pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT


No you're not lookin gpast it - there isn't a search for sold items on etsy

Posted at 2:15pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

raggedy10 says

the only way you can see the sold items is go to a store and tape onto sold items and it will show the items sold check a couple out to see what is selling.

Posted at 2:21pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

raggedy10 says

you could find shops that sell what you are looking for and then look to see what they sold

Posted at 2:21pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

You can go to pounce and pick recently sold items. That won't give you what has been sold with specific tags, but will show recent sales.

Posted at 2:22pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

I wish I could do a sold search right in my own shop!

Posted at 2:24pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

kypeep says

It would be a good feature to have!

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

crochetgal says

Sellers can search their own sold items by buyer and by date sold, but the general public cannot do that.

The only way to see what has recently sold is to take a look at Time Machine 2.


But be careful! You could find yourself spending $$$$ very easily if you find a shop that you like.

Posted at 2:29pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

why would you like to do that? I am curious... :O)

Posted at 2:36pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT

kypeep says

"why would you like to do that? I am curious..."

I like to see how quickly some items sold, for example.

Posted at 3:38pm Sep 15, 2010 EDT