Shipping with another item?!

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Original Post

This might be a stupid question, but I can't seem to figure out how to price shipping if more than one item is ordered from your shop.

So if an item costs $3.00 to ship, but with another item it costs $.50, does this mean it's an additional 50 cents... or will the shipping only cost 50 cents?

I haven't been able to figure it out because I see a wide range of price differences amongst sellers.

Posted at 10:44pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT


echoart says

If you have one item that's three dollars to ship and you mark it as fifty cents if shipped with another item, and you have another item that's five dollars to ship and you have it marked as one dollar if shipped with another item, then assuming those two items can safely be shipped together, your total shipping charged would be five dollars and fifty cents -- the regular shipping charge for the higher cost of shipping item, and the "shipped with" cost for the other one. :)

Posted at 10:47pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

echoart...I started reading your post and it sounded sort of like one of those "if two trains leave the station...." problems, lol.

I reread it and got it, though:)

Posted at 10:51pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

echoart says

lol Suzs! I'm HORRIBLE at math, including word problems. :) But I can see how my post sounded like one, lol!

Posted at 10:52pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

Thank you!!!! Makes sense... I had to read it twice too, but I got it!!!

How did you figure that out? It doesn't seem clear at all... do you think it's something that needs to be added to "Shipping Policies?"

Thanks :)

Posted at 11:40pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

This can be a big issue if you sell a book at say $2.75 shipping for media rate and someone buys something else in your shop that would be say defaulted to second item at $2.00. You can't ship with the book so you have to send it separate and lose shipping $$$ on second item.

Does this make sense?

Posted at 11:48pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

From the help section:

Basics of Combined Shipping.

Combined Shipping allows you to specify a special shipping cost in the event that multiple items are purchased by a shopper from your shop at the same time. Combined Shipping has two elements that you must enter on all listings: primary and secondary shipping costs. The primary shipping cost is the value of shipping the item alone. The secondary shipping cost is the added value when items are purchased and shipped together ("if shipped with another item").

If you don't want to offer a discounted combined shipping rate, just enter the same amount for the primary and secondary shipping costs.

If you want additional items to ship at no extra charge, enter $0.00 as the secondary shipping cost.

Here's an example of how Combined Shipping works:

* Item A:
o Primary shipping cost = $2.00
o Secondary shipping cost = $0.50
* Item B:
o Primary shipping cost = $1.00
o Secondary shipping cost = $0.75
* If both Item A and Item B are purchased together, the total Combined Shipping cost to the buyer is $2.75. This is the greater primary shipping cost of the two items (Item A: $2.00) plus the secondary shipping cost of the other item (Item B: $0.75).

Posted at 11:50pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

I feel like I fell into an episode of "Soap" LOL.

Posted at 11:53pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

Paperika says

The whole combined shipping thing always bothered me b/c it seems like it's implied that a seller would send multiple items for the same buyer in separate envelopes.

THAT makes NO sense to me whatsoever. Everytime I see threads about this I always wonder if I am the weird one thinking, well why the heck wouldn't you send both items at the same time unless the buyer says not to!

Nothing against OP or anything else, just relaying my thoughts about this silly thing!

Posted at 11:56pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT

grimmlynn says

ACelticgirl2 says:
I feel like I fell into an episode of "Soap" LOL.
I couldn't have said it better myself. LOL!

Posted at 11:59pm Sep 16, 2010 EDT