♥Would you like your shop tweeted? helping everyone to get sales 9/17-9/19♥

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Original Post

NO Purchase Necessary To Be Added To The List
stay and chat for a while!
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SALES SO FAR ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Here are the rules of this thread. Every morning I will start a new thread. It is simple to be added to the list. All you have to do is ask to be added and type the name of your store example.etsy.com with a description of what is in it.

Then I will spend my day promoting one item on twitter from each shop on this list. I will continue to promote until midnight etsy time each night.

Here is my twitter account in case anyone would like to follow me and retweet to help promote the list.

Let’s see how many people get sales.

Anyone who purchases an item from the shops on the list will be added to the top of the list with a heart and date next to their shop name. Then for the next two weeks, I will promote on twitter daily five items and any promotions that you have in your shop. For shops that have made more than on purchase I will add an additional heart next to your name so I can keep track of when your (two week/ or more)twitter promo time is up.

Once your (two week/ or more) twitter promo time is up you will again have to stop by the thread daily and ask to be added back to the list

PLEASE help keep the sales count accurate. If you buy something from someone on this thread PLEASE post the transaction. ANY and ALL sales that are a result of this thread should be posted!!! Here is an example:

from example.etsy.com
Transaction link. (Found in your purchases.)

Please keep in mind that it is just me at the moment running this thread and I sometimes have other things to do (like hopefully not forget to pick up the kids from school lol.) So I ask that you please have patients with me and if I miss your post please post again until I can get you added onto the list.

I made my first treasury.

I also have a blog pudgypalz.blogspot.com
I would like to do some promoting there as well. If you would like your etsy shop to be featured on my blog please convo me with a short bio of yourself or shop with three photos of your items you would like featured.

Daily List
lanakinbuddys.etsy.com (list manager) – crochet and sewn items for yourself and your home.

Posted at 12:00am Sep 17, 2010 EDT


Okay so here is the deal. I have a very busy weekend scheduled. Lots of fun PTA stuff to make and reports to fill out. Plus I have a birthday party for my nephew and I have to unload a garage and take everything to storage. With that said

Posted at 12:01am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

What I am going to do since I will be in and out all weekend is anyone who gets added to this thread today will stay on all weekend until Sunday at midnight etsy time when I start a new thread. I will pick one item from your shop and tweet the same item all weekend. Lets keep our fingers crossed and sprinkle that fairy dust and hope those items sale. :0)

Posted at 12:02am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

*Wonders ~ How do you find the time to promote everyone else's shop?

What a nice thing you do.

Posted at 12:02am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

I am at 48 sales just 2 more to reach my goal for the month yeah!
Newest listed.
Pretty in pink
nice and warm for the winter.

and I am in these treasuries

check out my blog here

or tweet me here.

Posted at 12:02am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Okay so you type very quickly! :-D

Posted at 12:04am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

I am very happy to do it. It gives me a chance to see shops that I would have never thought to look up. :0)

Posted at 12:04am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Hi Lana!!!

wow busy schedule can I be added?
Unique handmade jewelries of all styles for all types

Thanks again for this opportunity!!

Posted at 12:05am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

I have a word doc open that I save things to ahead of time. It helps things move faster. :0p

Posted at 12:05am Sep 17, 2010 EDT

hahaha I have stuff saved on a doc too so much easier that way!!

Posted at 12:05am Sep 17, 2010 EDT