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Original Post

Waterrose says

~♥♥~ Etsy Project Embrace Team Thread ~♥♥~

Hello and Welcome to the Etsy Project Embrace ChitChat Thread!

We are a Universal Coalition of Artists, Suppliers and Vintage Collectors who initially were brought together as a way to help our friend and wonderful Etsian, Laura Slocum who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. You can read more about how our group got started in this article,


Today, our group not only supports the American Cancer Society (ACS), but also The American Hospice Foundation (AHF). In the near future we will be adding a few more charitable organizations to our list. Keep your eye out for details!

Visit these pages on our blog for details on how to make your donations:

American Cancer Society:

American Hospice Foundation

Feel free to join us on this Thread, by sharing your experiences, giving out healing energy to those who need it and posting any EPE related information including Treasuries, blog posts, donation listings, announcements, etc….. or just a friendly post to say “Hi!”…. We’re glad you’re here!! :)

♥If you have any questions or would like more information please contact:

Rose at waterrose.etsy.com
If Rose isn’t available, please contact Kristin at loveartworks.etsy.com

♥For a list of all our members and for details on how you can join in the growing community of compassionate and caring Etsy sellers, please check out our profile in the:

Teams Section:

♥We have an Official Team TAG! It is "teamepe" and we ask that you only use this Tag for pieces that have proceeds going to Charity Donations. To find our Team member’s donation related listings to use in Treasuries and Blogs and such, please look here

Team Member Creations:


Any questions on this, please contact Rose at waterrose.etsy.com .

♥Our Absolutely Stunning Team Blog is officially Rockin' the internet Cyber-waves with Wondrous and FUNtabulous Interviews, Weekly Challenges, News and much much More! Go check it out and sign up to follow our adventures here:

♥Etsy Project Embrace Blog

All things Blog contact:

Erica: www.etsy.com/shop/MazzyJewelryDesigns -- Treasury Challenge Captain
Jen: www.etsy.com/shop/nimijewelry -- Weekly Challenges
Rose www.etsy.com/shop/waterrose Anything else!

♥All things Facebook and Twitter

Contact -- Jean www.etsy.com/shop/3squares

♥We are having a blast on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Etsy-Project-Embrace/133094031935?created

♥And Tweet-Tweeting away on Twitter! twitter.com/etsyprojembrace

**~♥~Useful Links~♥**
Make a Treasury: www.etsy.com/treasury/?ref=fp_nav_treasury
Poster Sketch: www.etsy.com/poster_sketch.php
Are you in a Treasury? www.craftopolis.com/
Front Page Treasury Archive and your Shop Statistics:

Welcome again and together, with caring, hope, compassion and love we can create awareness, spread ooooodles of Hope and make a difference!

Posted at 6:19pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT


baahar says

Ooooh shiny new thread :) Thanks a lot Rose.

I hope to be more active in this thread in the future too *fingers crossed*

Posted at 6:49pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Foret says

Ooops! Forgot to drop this off earlier!

My new treasury with lots of EPE'ers♥

The Spirit of Autumn

Love it up!

Posted at 8:19pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

OOoooOOOooo, It's so empty...It's like the first scoop out of the peanut butter jar!!!

Posted at 8:45pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Rose, welcome to your new post!

Kristin, thank you so much for all of you hard work!

Suz, the article is wonderful! I posted it to my Facebook business page. Although I typed something to the effect of "You must read this article..." Facebook humorously edited it in my feed to "You must check out Polkadot Magpie's cupcakes!" lol!

Posted at 9:17pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Just wanted to put my name in the new cement..... :)

Posted at 9:20pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Well, I think this makes at least three threads the team has had. Boy oh boy! Thanks, Rose, for stepping up to this big job, but you know we're a fantastic team and we're behind you 100% and even better, we LOVE you for doing it!

So a new treasury challenge. YAY! I'm excited about that.

And Polkadot's cupcakes... I just LOVE that photo! It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Posted at 11:27pm Sep 17, 2010 EDT

Polka Dot's picture reminds me of the sceen in "Napoleon Dynamite" where the uncle puts the two pots in front of the lady like a bra, lol.......... do these guys have anything else they think about? lol..........

Posted at 12:43am Sep 18, 2010 EDT

crochetgal says

A beautiful treasury Rose!

Posted at 1:20am Sep 18, 2010 EDT