The Daily Sweet One a Day Challenge September 19th to September 25th

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Welcome to the official thread for the The Daily Sweets, formally known as the Bittersweeets’s One a Day Challenge. We're an unofficial team so we're pretty relaxed. Our group formed when we accepted Chrissy of 's challenge to create an item a day beginning April 15th 2008 to May 15th 2008 -- the goal was to improve activity in shops.


We all had improved sales and activity. We had a few newbies to Etsy, and we made our first sales. At the end of the challenge, we've got attached to each other so we kept on hanging out together here each week. While we may not always list an item a day, the goal is to create every day.

Bottom line, we're supportive and not a strict bunch. If you can't list an item a day because life gets in the way, that's okay. We value quality products and excellent customer service. The only rules now are participation in the thread to help each other improve our shops. Contact me for details if you would like to join us.

To catch up with last week’s discussion, go here:

Visit our blog here:
Flickr group managed by Kylie

Challenge for 2010:
We will have a challenge to use a new medium every month. This is being managed by Elle of . It is currently on hold.

One a Day Challenge Members
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"Other Shops"

Posted at 10:43am Sep 19, 2010 EDT


Angela, excellent on the boutique! :D

Posted at 10:46am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Fen just wanted to say Thank you for doing an awesome job with the threads!!!!!!!!!!!! I nominate you as THE OFFICIAL SWEET of month!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Posted at 10:47am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

hehehe...thanks Shantelle :D

Posted at 10:50am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Goooood Morning Angels! mwahahah..

Posted at 10:56am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

TeenyBunny says

Morning! Heading to the fabric store later to stock up!

Posted at 10:58am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Angela-- so proud of you! I don't know how you do it all w/ 3 kids running around!!

Kerri- WTG! So glad to see you doing those re-useable snack bags! I wish you the best with branching out!

Speaking of branching out- I have so many things I want to do- is my shop too crowded having that many different things? (paintings, scarves, dresses, silk paintings, and clothing, and perhaps some costumes.) to me, it's all pretty much 'me' being all in my style- but I don't know if it gives off a vibe of jack of all trades, master of none. cuz well, I did go to college for this, so I am only listing things that are done well (or throwing them in a discount bin if they aren't up to standards)

Posted at 11:05am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

good morning everyone, looks like better weather here today.

Posted at 11:11am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Morning Girls! thanks for the new thread Fen :)

Posted at 11:22am Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Great photo props...Donnas Hobby@Etsy or Fan me .... Donnas Hobby@Facebook

Posted at 11:35am Sep 19, 2010 EDT