is there a glue better than E6000?

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Original Post

I made some button bracelets on some disc blanks and used the E6000 glue...wore a few times and noticed some buttons missing and the others there a better glue for plastics?? Thanks so much for your input.

Posted at 5:06pm Sep 19, 2010 EDT


jwms00 says


Posted at 5:12pm Sep 19, 2010 EDT

Did you scuff up the tops of the discs and the backs of the buttons?
E6000 needs something to grip to, and smooth non-porous surfaces need some help so that it works correctly.

Posted at 5:26pm Sep 19, 2010 EDT

bacino says

You could try Gutermann Fabric Glue and Textile Adhesive - it's 'technically' a fabric glue, but it has some amazing stickability!!

Posted at 7:44pm Sep 19, 2010 EDT

thanks bacino, I will try to find it..LiDDesigns, I am not having a problem with them sticking to the disc, my problem is the smaller shanked buttons that stand up higher are not sticking well the the base button....any suggestions? thanks.

Posted at 2:16pm Sep 20, 2010 EDT

I always recommend Gorilla Super Glue, but it might not work for your needs. It dries quick, has no odor, and usually holds well.

Only way to be sure is to try it.

Posted at 4:30pm Sep 20, 2010 EDT

mmemagpie says

Slow drying 2-part epoxies are the strongest glues available for adhering non-porous materials.

Posted at 6:38pm Sep 20, 2010 EDT

I have never used E600, but I know people seem to really like it.

I use a lot of metal in some of the things I make. I usually solder, but, if I do have to glue something, I just love the Mosaic Tile Glue. It is made for gluing glass tiles onto different things, specifically, metal, plastic and glass. I just finished gluing a metal set of legs to a miniature porcelain sink. I am not even the least bit concerned that it won't hold it like cement.

You can get it at Hobby Lobby in the section that sells glass for glass workers.

Posted at 7:03pm Sep 20, 2010 EDT

BunnyBesos says

Yeah, definitely the two-part epoxy glues. I use Epoxy 330 for all of my earrings, and I find that it works EXTREMELY well. Good luck finding the glue for you! ;D

Posted at 7:05pm Sep 20, 2010 EDT