Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp - Week 1

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Original Post

daniellexo says

Need a push into the holiday season? Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp is launching today, Thursday, September 23, so get your sales sleds ready, let's help push each other up this hill together!

Links to get you started:

Etsy Blog Post:

Etsy Success Newsletter:

Facebook Event Page:

Week 1 boot camp instructions will go out in the Etsy Success newsletter this afternoon. I encourage you post in this forum thread to let everyone know if you've completed the To Do list and if you need any help!

Posted at 10:20am Sep 23, 2010 EDT


Count me in! This sounds like a fantastic idea and I am up for it!
Big Hugs!

Posted at 6:36pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Simag says

Count me in too :)
{Thank You}

Posted at 6:37pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Hi Danielle!

I think this boot camp thing is a great idea. Kudos!

So, first assignment is a mission statement, and I have been thinking about that a lot lately.

I have 114 sales in my Etsy shop right now. I want to reach 200 by January 1. I hope this is an ambitious but reachable goal.

I sell stationery + cards, so I intend to have my holiday line mostly completed [with roughly 10 unique card designs] by next week, photographed, and listed. THEN I can look back to Fall and gift related stationery, like personalized notecards and things like that.

Most importantly, I want to continue to love what I do everyday. This is a business and a job, but it's also my passion. Let's not let the numbers and the pressure ruin it :-)

Posted at 6:38pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Count me in.... Excited to be gear for holiday season!

Posted at 6:38pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

vegashenna says

Yes! I need all the help I can get!! Thanks, etsy :)

Posted at 6:39pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Can't wait! This is definitely going to help get me prepared for my very first big holiday season :)

Posted at 6:40pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Marking. Thank you.

Posted at 6:40pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

Thank you! count me in as well =)

Posted at 6:40pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT

humecta says

Yea! I'm so excited! This is my first Christmas and I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'm off to read.:)

Posted at 6:41pm Sep 23, 2010 EDT