Making a "private" listing on etsy

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Original Post

suppliesme says

i have been contacted a few times recently to make a listing "private" and i can understand why.

jewellery designers want to keep to themselves where they are getting their supplies from and how much they are spending etc.

so thats fine but im wondering HOW do make it private?

i thought i read about this somewhere in the forums but cant find the info now.

is there a way to do a listing for someone that requires some supplies but doesnt want to make it public or do i just do a normal listing with no photos and no info in the description so it cant be open to the public to see what this person bought?

info please as i have been requested but unsure how to go about this.

thanks in advance

Posted at 1:15am Sep 25, 2010 EDT


They can make their purchases private OR you can mutually agree not to leave feedback. If the feedback isn't visible, no one will know who bought it.

Posted at 1:19am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

suppliesme says

ah ok pease didnt think of the feedback thing. great idea.

and how do i do it private ?

Posted at 1:25am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

suppliesme says

anyone around?

i know its early morn there but i appreciate some replies.

thanks all

Posted at 1:32am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

How do you do what private? Pease explained the two options. The buyer can make their purchases private or you can both agree not to leave feedback.

Posted at 1:33am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

Easy! Title it "custom listing for (initial)" & then just put "as per convo (or whatever) in your description. No additional info is needed in the listing.. Then just send the listing to your jewelry designer & you're good to go :)

Posted at 1:35am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

suppliesme says

ok thanks brilliance i thought we could do an actualy private listing that just doesnt show up.

but we could do the no feedback thing too.

thanks for that.

Posted at 1:38am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

If the buyer isn't using their real name then use that. This way no one will know and of course don't use feedback.

Posted at 2:44am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

suppliesme says

it actually looked like an account just set up or one they dont use often.

i may suggest the feedback thing then.


Posted at 3:12am Sep 25, 2010 EDT