What can I put over acrylic paint to make it super shiny?

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Original Post

xmartha says

I have some items which are painted with acrylic paint and I think they would look great with a shiny appearance instead of the matte look that they have.

Is there anything I could paint or even spray onto these acrylic painted items that would give them an even shine?

Posted at 11:28am Sep 25, 2010 EDT


Krylon makes a Clear coat spray, called Triple Thick. It is very glossy. You can even get it at Walmart cheaper than the Arts and Crafts stores

Posted at 11:31am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

There's an acrylic gloss medium, which is essentially clear, shiny acrylic paint.

Posted at 11:41am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

Modge-Podge makes a great super-shiny finish, but you have to be careful with it... even when it's dry, if it gets too hot or sits on top of something for long it gets tacky again.

I've used Krylon before, and I like it too... less shiny than the Modge-Podge but you don't have to worry about the stickyness.

Posted at 11:44am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

KATCreat says

High gloss polyurethane varnish. It also makes the surface waterproof.

Posted at 11:55am Sep 25, 2010 EDT

alisonsyer says

As shoelessjane said - gloss medium. There's also gloss varnish for acrylics. Look at the acrylic mediums in an art store - there's various texturizing and finishing products.

Posted at 12:15pm Sep 25, 2010 EDT

PthaloAzul says

Acrylic Gloss medium--I like Graham 's medium the absolute best. It's a real firm and thick coat (shiny, too) and protects your colors from fading. If it's not at your local craft store you can also find it at Dickblick.com or usaully at any university campus store. I can't live without that stuff.

Posted at 12:32pm Sep 25, 2010 EDT

MamasHouse says

Try a gloss medium, then varnish over it when dry.

Posted at 5:36pm Sep 25, 2010 EDT

Gloss varnish. :) It will change the finish of whatever is underneath. (I use a matte varnish over gloss medium and it goes completely matte.)

Posted at 5:20am Sep 26, 2010 EDT

polyurethane, like someone else said.

Posted at 5:34am Sep 26, 2010 EDT