English website equivalent to Etsy?

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Zigetta says

lemonadeandLamington-...you just said -we have to promote,promote on Folksy...I am quite new on Folksy and really not sure what does mean? Can I list my items again and again?

Posted at 12:30pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

Spread the word Zigetta, tell everyone about it.

Posted at 12:33pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

There is coriandr too, it didn't work for me because they don't allow discounted shipping for more than one item but if you sell one thing at a time you might want to look into it.

Posted at 12:42pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

niftyknits says

I'm on folksy too (and zibbet) but etsy is where stuff actually sells.

Posted at 12:51pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

thank you lindaboucher, you've been very helpful!

Posted at 12:53pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

@niftyknits - like I said before, they're different markets. I find I've had lots of success with Folksy so far, but who knows, in a year's time I might find that Etsy works better for me...
@Zigetta - what BlueKittyMiniatures said - you have to tell everyone about it - you have to "pimp" - tweet, promote on Facebook, blog...tell your mates...tell everyone you see! I find it's the same with Etsy to a certain extent, there's not really *that* many people who know about Etsy in the UK, although the number is growing. In that respect, Folksy isn't that far behind Etsy; the knowledge of it in the local population is growing.
@nicoledebruin - I tried a coriandr shop, but I didn't put the effort into it that I should have - maybe I should go back to that one too!

Posted at 1:13pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

Hannah, you are toatlly welcome.
Paypal and Facebook are the two most utterly confusing websites in the *world*.

I try really hard not to get them mixed up ;)

Posted at 1:16pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

niftyknits says

I'm not sure why you say they're different markets, lemonadeandlamington? I've sold to many UK people on here, and I've sold internationally on folksy, too.

I do get found by UK magazines more easily on folksy though, so won't shut up shop!

Posted at 1:28pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

I have not tried any UK sites, but have been told about a few.

The only two that I can remember right now is other than folksy:

'not on the high street' and

Posted at 1:29pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT

I said that earlier because I've found (in my own, not very scientific research...) I get faved for different things here than in Folksy - but then again, I've only been listing here for a week, so who knows what I'll think in a year's time! But then again, I've read people's comments over on Folksy about how they sell stuff here but not over there, or vice versa. I think it might come down to promotion again, and maybe promoting differently for each site; not sure about that one yet.

I've not been found by any mags yet...but I'm still hoping!

Posted at 1:31pm Sep 28, 2010 EDT