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Original Post

I am relatively new to etsy. I had great success (especially for a new shop) for my first few months. Starting at the beginning of September, my sales have almost completely dropped off and I can't figure out why. Has anyone else experienced this lately? What did you do to fix it?

Posted at 10:22pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT


i know what you mean...september has been brutal for me

Posted at 10:24pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

September in general is slow on etsy, so is August. Things pick up (for those that get the sales that is) for Christmas though.

Posted at 10:25pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

bannerarts says

This is good to know.

Posted at 10:25pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

I find the last 10 days have been really bad. Views are really down...starting to think it was something I did.

Posted at 10:27pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

bonesbags says

Yup, September was bad for me, too. But it seems like every month there is a thread re: how bad the month is sucking. It seems hard to predict.

Posted at 10:28pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

honeybee69 says

I always start getting busy now. I have alot of orders to get done.

I have more time to list things now that the kids are in school. So I guess listing things more often helps.

Posted at 10:29pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

I'm sure your sales will pick up. Gorgeous shop, crisp photos, great banner, super prices.

Posted at 10:29pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

I got a sale yesterday in my other shop and 4 in this one, this month. I'm hoping the steady stream of sales continue.

Posted at 10:30pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

Sales in June & July were practically non-existent for me. Things started to pick up a little for me in August but this month my sales and views have been even better. Hoping its a trend that continues thru the rest of the year

Posted at 10:37pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT