Wow, Two Sales in One Month... let me tell you how I did it!

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Original Post

Joined Etsy over three years ago...

My shop died a slow death since day one.

Then I learned about light boxes... curses!
Then I learned about renewing... curses!
Then I learned about Treasury teams... curses!
Then I learned about Blogging...curses!
Then I learned about Twitter... curses!

I got me a:
Twitter account
Facebook account
A Blog
Made a Light Box


I practiced taking product photography...
I practiced writing descriptive descriptions...
I looked for teams to join...
I wrote on my blog...
I wrote on Twitter...
I wrote on Facebook...

What did it get me?


Now... if you make it work, good on you! What didn't work for me, might very well work for you.

What works for one shop, doesn't mean it work for another. :)

Do what you feel comfortable with. :)

Posted at 10:51pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT


Love this thread!

Posted at 10:52pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

LOL! Great post, Stitch!

Posted at 10:53pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

P.S. I hate light boxes.

Posted at 10:53pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

teehee :)

Posted at 10:54pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

You put things so very well, stitchntyme!

Posted at 10:54pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

Still looking for the magic formula myself--anyone have crystal balls for sale?

Posted at 10:54pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

Your shops does look great though!

Posted at 10:54pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT

Wow.. thank you all! :)

Posted at 10:55pm Sep 27, 2010 EDT