Should I sign up for a holiday craft fair, or will I regret it?

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Original Post

I sold at my first craft fair last Saturday and it was a big success. If you're interested, I blogged about it last night:

To summarize, I sold about a third of my inventory and I have another fair the weekend of Halloween. However, I'm going on vacation for a week in between so I basically have three weeks to replenish for the Halloween show, plus restock my Etsy shop.

There is a big local holiday craft show that I'm interested in that is three weeks after the Halloween one (Thanksgiving weekend). If I'm going to sign up, I need to do it today. Am I crazy to take this on?

I'd like to be prepared for some kind of holiday rush here on Etsy, but I don't think I qualify as an "established shop" yet so I'm not sure if I'll even have a rush. What do you guys think? I don't know any local crafters, so you all are my best source of advice! :)


Posted at 8:41am Sep 28, 2010 EDT


Kathy1910 says

I do approximately 22 shows a year and I say go for it! You will get it done and holidays are the biggest selling time of the year. Fall shows are always better than spring shows!

Posted at 8:43am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

bexcaliber says

I would do it (I am doing it actually). Holiday craft fairs are so fun and people are looking for gifts and coming to you to spend money. Plus its a great way to give out your card even if they don't buy something at the fair, they can always come to etsy to buy it.

Posted at 8:48am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

definately do it!!

Posted at 8:50am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

I am doing some holiday shows this fall. I usually do pretty well with them.

Posted at 8:50am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

SudsNSuch says

22 shows Kathy?! How do you find them all?

Posted at 8:51am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

Go for it! If you know you will sell there is no reason not to go.

I have never done well at fairs so very unsure if I should try again.

Posted at 8:54am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

Thanks everyone! My problem is I have two kiddos at home - a baby and a preschooler - so I have limited sewing time.

I think I'll just suck it up and do it. Me and my sewing machine are going to be BFF for the next few months!

Posted at 8:55am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

joypeckjoy says

I would do it but sadly singapore does not have any of this show....Urge....

Posted at 8:55am Sep 28, 2010 EDT

I just finished readying your blog post. It's brilliant and what a success!
Well done! :)

Posted at 8:59am Sep 28, 2010 EDT