Can Sterling Silver .925 turn your finger green?

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Original Post

I recently bought a new ring, stamped .925 and after a week about of wear my finger has turned green. Other than my engagment ring all of my jewelry has been sterling silver, and in my 29 years have never had anything turn me green before. Just wondering if it is really .925 or if maybe it just has different alloys than everything else I own.

Posted at 1:02am Sep 29, 2010 EDT


AnKaLi says

It can from the copper content. Although I really haven't heard of this before, I just googled it for you :)

Posted at 1:04am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

AnKaLi says

It can from the copper content. Although I really haven't heard of this before, I just googled it for you :)

Posted at 1:04am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Yeah I had only thought it happens with non sterling or non gold. LOL it is REALLY GREEN!

Posted at 1:24am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

AnKaLi says

well sterling isn't pure silver, its a mixture of metals...but for it to turn green, thats weird. I would be skeptical of it!!

Posted at 1:32am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

I've had it happen with gold when I used to drink too much orange juice, something to do with the acid.

Posted at 1:45am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Sadly, anyone can buy a .925 stamp.

You may have been deceived.

In all the years I sold Sterling silver rings, I did have ONE lady turn green. she had very acidic skin. Although you say you have been wearing sterling for years.

I would bring the ring back.

Posted at 1:52am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

I have a customer who turns green from what I know to e sterling. It is possible, but not overly common.

Posted at 6:12am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

StudioDax says

If it is the only ring turning you green, and you are wearing other sterling silver items at the same time, I'd be thinking that it isn't sterling.

Sterling silver is an alloy of fine silver (.925) and other metals (.075) - the standard is copper (for reference, some new sterling silver alloys have other metals, such as platinum). Although copper in silver can turn some people green at times, it would be consistent on all your fingers wearing sterling.

Some people may also have a reaction to rhodium, which is a plating often used over sterling to keep it shiny, but I don't know if the reaction is green!

Posted at 7:07am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

JanEleven says

I specialize in vintage sterling silver, and I have NEVER heard of it turning anyone's skin green

Posted at 7:50am Sep 29, 2010 EDT

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