Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp: Week 2

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Original Post

daniellexo says

Week 2 of the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp is just about to start. Make sure you open your Etsy Success newsletter tomorrow to find out what your tasks are this week (and who our mascot is).

Come on back and post in this thread to check in and let everyone know you're still on board, get help, leave feedback and lend a hand to another boot camper!

Did you miss the first Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp newsletter? You still have time to catch up, view it online here:

More helpful boot camp links:

Etsy Success Newsletter:

Etsy Blog Post:

Facebook Event Page:

Boot Campers on Twitter:

Have a productive and fun week!

Posted at 12:42pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT


Can't wait for tomorrow, finished week 1 checklist today!

Posted at 2:55pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Ahhh, I'm behind! I'll start today, thanks Danielle! :)

Posted at 2:57pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Gotta check it out. Thanks!

Posted at 2:58pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

SiriusFun says

Excited to see the newsletter for week 2! I have done everything on the first list!

Posted at 6:34pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

ArtistiKat says

I will check it out tomorrow. Thanks!

Posted at 7:31pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

will check it out :)

Posted at 7:41pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Dalim says

I'm wondering about the Mascot!

Posted at 7:43pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

artizen says

well I failed on the Google analytics.. I had set it up before and had checked it quite often .. not that it made a lot of sense... now I get an error message when I try to log in .... on the GA forums it appears lots of other people get this too. is it me or is there an etsy/GA problem atm?

Posted at 7:46pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Artizen, you are not alone. I CANNOT get google analytics to register that anyone is looking at my page. But I have views and SALES gosh darnit! How can people be buying from me if no one is looking at my page? I have tried everything...
Anyhoo, ready for week two!

Posted at 8:23pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT