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Original Post

sean11 says

Hi all,

Item listing pages are going wide! And getting much more inviting.

A small percentage of visits will see the new wide listing pages today, and everyone will see them soon. Here's what they look like:


(Click the image to enlarge to full size in your browser)

You'll notice:

- Big, beautiful images -- 570 pixels wide by default. If an image is smaller than 570 pixels wide, it will not be stretched. It will be displayed in the same 570-pixel-wide area. We recommend uploading photos that are between 800 and 1000 pixels wide; more information here: help.etsy.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/208

- A clean new look for all the information below the item description: shipping details, payment methods, links to contact the shop owner and review shop policies, and tags and materials.

- A new Favorites button, next to a big new Add to Cart button. Go ahead, click them (you know you want to!).

- A larger area for additional items from the shop, with a count of the number of items available in the shop.

Expect some elements of the design to evolve as we monitor the performance of these pages during this testing period.

Questions and comments are welcome in this thread.


Posted at 1:42pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT


loopyboopy says

going to see if I got this yet. thanks for the update.

Posted at 1:44pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

me too.....

Posted at 1:45pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

I love the larger image size! It is so inviting.

Posted at 1:45pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

packagery says

I've got it. It looks pretty good!

Posted at 1:45pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

very inviting!

Posted at 1:45pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

not me :( how bout you loopyboopy?

Posted at 1:46pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Just beautiful! I love the look of this.

Posted at 1:46pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

packagery says

Well I had it for a second.. I'm not seeing it anymore.

Posted at 1:47pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

jolinne says

Looks lovely! Thanks for the update :)

Posted at 1:47pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT