Etsy vs Artfire

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Original Post

MissPurses says

So, which service is better? I thought I’d do a little research. Feel free to comment and let me know about your own experiences.

I’ve listed over 200 items. I have never been able to list that much with Etsy because the listing process is so laborious and slow.

Etsy has a track history of not listening to its customers. And all the traffic in the world is no good because of Etsy’s odd search system, which they’ve just made even odder.


Founded in 2008, we are small Tucson, Arizona based company with about fifteen employees, with a passion for handmade, art, and indie business. As an interactive handmade market place and craft community our mission is to support your business and your brand with innovative features and functions. They are an e-commerce company and we focus on support of member’s needs by taking a service first approach.

So, which would you choose?

Posted at 7:53 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT


I chose ArtFire.

Posted at 7:57 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

I don't get sales on Artfire. I think I've had two.. vs. earning a full time living on Etsy. I choose Etsy.

Posted at 7:59 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

JimJuris says

Artfire. Etsy doesn't give their sellers what they are asking for.

Posted at 7:59 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

quirkybags says

Does ArtFire allow faux vintage?

Posted at 8:00 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

Very INTERSTING! marking because Im on both.

Posted at 8:00 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

miascloset says


Posted at 8:01 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT


Posted at 8:02 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

MissPurses says

Does Artfire allow crappy homemade bags as opposed to authentic vintage bags?

Posted at 8:03 pm Sep 29, 2010 EDT

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