Bags for Craft Shows

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Original Post

Hi Everyone!
I am doing my first craft show this weekend and was curious as to recommendations for bags for purchases....what do you use and is there a chain store that I can get them at? I just signed up for the show today or I would have taken care of it already! Thank you!

Posted at 8:49pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT


Oh there are so many options!

depending on the size bags you want you can:

Make your own - I sew book pages together. Makes for a neat gift too.

Buy plain ole lunch bags and dress them up - stamp em, decorate em, slap a sticker on em. I know a vendor who folds down the top, punches a hole and puts a ribbon through. Awesome way to dress up a plain bag.

Order from PaperMart - great supplier.

Dollar Store

Ask a local merchant if they will sell you a few of theirs. If it's not too many they are usually happy to help.

Posted at 9:00pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

Here is what I use. I buy in bulk on eBay, and make a label on my computer. People then become walking advertisements during the craft fair.

Posted at 9:28pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

I use the paper craft/gift bags that you can get at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or JoAnn's. They come in different sizes, colors, and in bulk (packs of about a bakers dozen). I print out my logo and rubber-cement it to the bags.

Posted at 9:32pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

i use white lunch bags from walmart. or you can get plastic bags from sam's club i'm told

Posted at 9:32pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

I asked this same exact question yesterday!! My first craft show is this Saturday so I was also in a rush and couldn't order online. I went to office max. I got the white plastic bags that say thank you on them. You get 150 for $5. Next time I'll probably do something cuter, but this time is all about learning!! Good luck!

Posted at 9:34pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

For small items, brown paper lunch bags all glitzed up. For larger items, white paper shopping bags I purchase from a local supply house and add something stenciled or sketched.

Posted at 9:40pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

You can buy bags from uline and if you call early in the day (tomorrow) you might even be able to have them send it out via courier. I know this because I temped for a courier service a couple years ago and uline would call us regularly for quotes. Otherwise they'd drop it off the next day.

That being said, when I finally get around to doing a show, I'm going to use paper shopping bags. So much easier to carry things (especially since I could easily use the small bags because I'm going to do wine glass charms) and they're just more comfortable to carry around at craft shows.

Posted at 9:43pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT

great ideas!

Posted at 9:47pm Sep 30, 2010 EDT