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Original Post


New to Etsy as a seller and know I saw it somewhere what the picture size and tyoe should be and now I cannot find it.


Posted at 11:00am Oct 6, 2010 EDT



I don't know about dpi but if you crop them to be 1000 pixels square they will be large and clear enough.

Posted at 11:02am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

You can use jpeg, png or gif. It is recommended that your photos be at least 1000 pixels wide but the files can't be larger than 2 mb.

Posted at 11:02am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

and a little more:

* Your item images should be a minimum of 570 pixels wide, and ideally images should be no larger than 1000 pixels square. Many digital cameras take very large photographs. Use an image editing software to resize your images before uploading them to Etsy.
* Images should be 250k in file size or below. Files larger than this may time out, especially on a slower Internet connection.
* Ensure the file is a properly encoded .jpg, .gif or .png. These are the only image file types Etsy supports. Animated .gif files are not supported.
* Your image file should be in RGB color mode and optimized for the web. (CMYK color mode is for print only.)
* Make sure there isn't a firewall blocking your uploads. This might be the case if you are trying to upload images from work at a large and/or slightly paranoid company. Try to alter your firewall settings or take the firewall down briefly to test the transfer. (Or create your Etsy listings from home.)

Posted at 11:03am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

The recommended minimum is 570 pixels wide, and the max is 1000, per the link aandb provided.

Etsy's Help section is searchable -- just click Help at the top of the page and enter 'picture size' in the search bar to find the same info for yourself! :-)

Posted at 11:04am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

CasualSoul says

I think 430 x 430 is the listing display size, so anything smaller will be fuzzy. Larger than that will zoom to the uploaded size when clicked.

As long as they are at least 430 in width they should appear clear.

This is just my very unprofessional opinion.

Posted at 11:05am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

CasualSoul says

my bracelet images are only 360 x 360 and they look fine on my PC.

Posted at 11:08am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

Etsy increased that from 430 to 570 with the wider listing page format.

Posted at 11:08am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

Casual..Sometimes smaller on the net is better..less loading time for a potential buyer. I looked at my web stats...and alot and noticed that google crawlers do not like huge pics...

Posted at 11:10am Oct 6, 2010 EDT

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