Native American Forum Thread Chapter 6: Aisvi Gvdodi Saquu Adanvdo

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Original Post

jstinson says

Native American Forum Thread Chapter 6: Aisvi gvdodi saquu adanvdo
(Walking Together in One Spirit)

Last November, I started a forum thread in honor of National Native American Month. My only prayer was to generate enough interest so that the thread would have a respectable showing during that month. To my delight and amazement, it has been met with such continued enthusiasm and support that we are fast approaching the maximum number of posts in our fifth chapter! As a result, Chapter 6 has been started.

The title of Chapter 2 was “ Walking with the Wind”. It was suggested by Kicking Bear, our spiritual leader, Tsalagi (Cherokee) language mentor and wise man. Kicking Bear continues to provide us with the name for each new chapter.. This new chapter is named “Walking Together in One Spirit”.

Many friendships have been formed as a result of our thread “Gathering”. We are constantly welcoming new friends to our cyber campfire community and hope that you will join in.

One does not need to be Native American to participate in this thread. We warmly welcome all people who are inspired by and/or appreciate our culture.

Do promote your favorite Native American or Native American Inspired work here. Tell us about your new items, your sales, your blogs, your treasury features, or just come sit by our “cyber fireside and chat.

There were many good things on our previous threads that we do not want to lose, so a blog was started to archive them. It is a work in progress and can be viewed here:
Just click on the items that interest you in the “tags” section.

We purposely left previous chapters of the thread at less than 10,000 posts so it could be accessed if one wanted to back track on something there.

The link to “Chapter 1” is:

The link to “Chapter 2” is

The link to “Chapter 3” is

The link to “Chapter 4” is

The link to “Chapter 5” is

We have a periodic Challenge and a Wednesday Night Story Telling Session. If you would like information on the challenges, just convo me.

If you would like to participate in the Wednesday Night Camp Fire Story, join the thread each Wednesday night at 8:00 p.m. EST.

During the past Chapter, we made Fridays “ SSP Day.” SSP is “ Shameless Self Promotion”.

Our wise man and mentor, Kicking Bear, wrote this preamble to Chapter 2 of our thread. It was carried over to subsequent chapters and is repeated here. It will let you know what we are about and the purpose of this thread.

Kicking Bear says: “This thread is like a campfire the center is the flame which represents our creativity. We are each a log sticking into the fire.

As we go about our art, our log burns and goes from having a flame on the end to just a hot coal and will eventually go out.

Our creativity is used up and our log begins to grow cold. Along comes someone from this thread and pushes that log back in closer to the fire ...

The log is re-ignited and once again begins to burn brightly.
…………………………………………………………….....Kicking Bear

We have a perpetual candle lighting ceremony to request prayers and guidance for those in need and to give thanks for our many blessings.. Our gusdi, SonoraKay, is the “keeper of the candles”. She reminds us each morning and evening (and sometimes mid-day) of the need to pray.

On the last Thursday of each month at 2:00 EST, our Hostess With The Mostess, Spirit Bear, hosts a special party where we honor one of digusdi (cousins). Giftings are done. Toasting, and sometimes roasting, makes these events great fun.

Grannie Girt is our official address and birthday tracker. This is a new idea from Chapter 5 and is the developmental stage.

Our diligent scout, Rekamepip, locates a new cyber site for each of our Chapters. His scouting venture for our Chapter 6 site was the most exciting mission to date. He kept us well informed of the trials and tribulations he encountered while traveling west to find us a spot.

Click this link to view the campsite he selected for Chapter 6.

We have great fun on this thread as well as promoting our work, growing spiritually, learning and remembering the old ways of our people and rendering support to one another.

Join us anytime! You will be warmly welcomed!

Posted at 12:44pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT


jstinson says

Osiyo digusdi….Here is our new fire! Blazing warmly and awaiting your arrival!

Kicking Bear was afraid that he may not be able to join us at the time of our move today and so he e-mailed his Prayer for Chapter 6 last evening. He asked that I post it for all to read.

aleayv asgoladisgv galvquodi tsola adadvdvhvsgv Unelanvhi
kanvwodi aquatseli utlvtsiyesgi ale adasehedi aquatseli
tsunalasidena gvdodi utiyvhi ale nvwatohiyadv ale itsula
uha kali adanvdo

I am offering sacred tobacco asking the Creator to heal our sicknesses and guide our feet with balance and harmony when we have a full heart.

O Great Spirit, We come before you in a humble manner.
We stand as many spirits but joined with one heart.
One no greater than the other. When one stumbles
There are many to help them to their feet.
We are not mere friends, we are brothers and sisters,
A family following the red road with love for one another.

I ask your blessings on all those that enter here and
Remind them, they are a guest only once ….
After that they are family

We are joined by spirit and one heart
Amidst the beauty of this Great Creation
We give thanks for the gift of life that we have been given.

We give thanks to Mother Earth and to the Sacred Fire
which burns brightly in our hearts

We thank you for the precious gift of clarity,
openness, strength and wisdom.

We walk the path of peace and give thanks to all
our relations and for the beauty of all things.

We ask your healing hands be placed upon our
Brother and sisters, that you calm the anger of our hearts as we deal with the destruction of our Mother earth.

O Great Spirit
Wipe our tears and cover us in your blanket
of love and understanding.

In balance and harmony we give thanks.
It is all good.

KB...Amen on behalf of all of us!

Posted at 12:50pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

jstinson says

We are officially "at home"! Now get your kicks in Chapter 6!

Posted at 12:51pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

made it

Posted at 1:01pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

jstinson says

Dale...glad to see you! You out ran all of the others!

Posted at 1:04pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

the world is full of beauty when the heart is full of love.

Posted at 1:05pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

i was here when you moved.

Posted at 1:07pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

Osiyo digusdi

Marking the trail

Wado for the prayer KB - your words always touch the heart.

Waves to Joni & Dale

BBL (I hope)


Posted at 1:09pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

sorry about eating all the frybread crumbs
left as a trauil marker ....
I just thought someone was being nice to me

Posted at 1:12pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT

Good afternoon and what a beautiful location. Hope to return this evening.
Dennis, I expect good news from you. If not, Hootie's story will always remain in Critter Tales.
Have a great afternoon.

Posted at 1:12pm Oct 6, 2010 EDT