Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp: Week 3

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daniellexo says

Week 3 of the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp is just about to start. This week I have some reading material coming your way, and ask you to ponder 6 secrets to success.

I also ask you share a task you've been meaning to complete, and get it done this week. Post that task here!

Keep your eyes on your inbox for full instructions via the Etsy Success newsletter.

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Wondering what this Boot Camp thing is? Check out this Etsy Blog Post:

Have a great week!

Posted at 10:33am Oct 7, 2010 EDT


Order more business cards!!

My supply is dwindling and even though sales haven't really picked up yet for the holidays I need to prepare if they do.

Thanks Danielle!

Posted at 10:48am Oct 7, 2010 EDT

WoodPigeon says

Getting more brushes and canvases!!!

Posted at 10:50am Oct 7, 2010 EDT

I'm late joining so I'm catching up. I sell mostly bows and crocheted items. Most of my sales have come from referral and Facebook requests.

Week 1 - My Mission: To become a work at home mom doing what I enjoy and sharing that joy with others!

Week 2 - I will have to complete for a different computer

Week 3 - I need to find a good supplier for Bow Cardholders. Anyone have suggestions?

Posted at 1:09pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

I need to

-Take more pictures of my items and post them
-Maybe possibly create a 3rd shop for supplies (eek!)
-Order packaging supplies

Posted at 1:18pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

The task I've been meaning to get done that I will complete this upcoming week is to increase my store inventory (which means I need to take photos and post!) Been so caught up in creating...but that won't do me any good if I'm not posting them!

Posted at 1:19pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

My mission: To turn my love of creating into a susccessful side business, both online and in person.

My daily goal: To list one new item per day.

My main goal: To reach 100 sales by December 31st! 25 more to go!

Posted at 1:21pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

Did the email get sent out? I didn't get anything :(

Posted at 1:23pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

My goal is one I've been completing already: to list or renew an item each day, Monday thru Friday (when my hits are the highest).

And also, buy more packing supplies and some small jewelry boxes!

Posted at 1:38pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT

My goal is to list at least three new items each week. I enjoyed reading others goals--VERY motivating!!

Posted at 1:47pm Oct 7, 2010 EDT