any suggestions to increase sales at craft shows?

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Original Post

I just did my second craft show.

The first one went well for me ( I was a lucky one, there was no advertisment, the mall employees of the mall didnt know what was going on, and most of my sales were from my fellow coworkers.) Imade my money back.

The one today went well as well. I had my booth rental plus some back.

But I noticed a lot of stopping, glancing, and walking off. OR they'd see something they liked, look at it, and walk off.

We greeted everyone, try to start some form of chit chgat by commmenting on the weather (90 degrees and breezy on OK in Oct, uncommon), smiling, thanking people, etc.

I know there is a lot of jewelry competition out there, so just looking for ideas for give myself a boost at the next show!


Posted at 8:19 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT


I think a lot depends on how it is displayed. I have been doing art shows for 4 years and still feel I haven't perfected it.

Posted at 8:23 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

Smile smile smile!! And talk to everybody who walks by your table!

Posted at 8:25 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

Congrats on your craft show sales, kiwis. I've done a fewof craft shows and am still looking for the perfect formula :-).

I think finding the type of show that has the best fit for your items is the way to go. And that can be a bit of trial and error.

Posted at 8:27 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

However, whatever show I'm at I always pass out as many business cards as I can. You never could lead to a future sale.

Posted at 8:28 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

this was my display for this show. I have changed it around for both. and my next one will end up being crowded bc i can only have 1 table bc of the location of my booth (right next to the kitchen )

I handed out cards to people interested, but only had credit cards. i have tried to be able to accept credit cards, but havent been approved yet.

Posted at 8:31 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

JustColor says

Make your display stand out from the rest. Think of an unusual way to display them. Make the front of your space to pop out. Don't sit down. Look busy, never bored. Engage customers in conversation. Stay in front of the shop and smile at passers buy.

Good luck.

Posted at 8:32 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

I have a wide variety of displays. I have a wine rack with peg board, wire baskets for earrings, upside down candle holders for bracelets.


Posted at 8:36 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

We had our last craft show a few years back and this is what we did to help our stuff sell

We always made crazy and colorful signs that attracted customers to enter our shop. We really when all out and decorated out shop so it stood out from the crowd.

We sold jewelry too, so we had several hand mirrors and 1 huge mirror for people to see themselves in. If we had any sales going on, we made sure to tell everyone that entered.

We always carried extra stock, so if anything sold we were able to fill in the holes. That way it didn't look like the best stuff sold already and all we had left was this stuff.

A couple of years ago we had the best sale ever. We brought 520 items to sell and we sold over 280 items that day. We had to do a lot of condensing of our stock that day.


Posted at 8:38 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

I've added a lot of items under $10.00. Don't know if you can do that but that seems to be the only price point people will pay nowadays.

Posted at 8:41 pm Oct 9, 2010 EDT

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