Does a paypal payment show up right away from a customer?

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Original Post

artrajes says

A customer told me that she payed through paypal this morning and that would have been an hour ago. I want to send her item out, but my paypal account does not show that she had payed yet. How long does paypal take to show a payment? I thought it would be automatically. She said on her end it said that her payment went through.

Posted at 9:08am Oct 13, 2010 EDT


it would show immediately in your Pay Pal account. It only takes a few minutes to show up.

Posted at 9:09am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

MoonCircus says

It depends if she pays with her credit card or e-check through paypal. CC can take up 2-3 business days for PP doing their usual security check and 4-5 business days for e-check.

Usually if your buyer uses the latter, paypal will send you a notification about the check being cleared in a couple of days.

If within 24hours you haven't received anything on your pp account, you can always email/convo your client about the situation & asking at the same time whether she paid w her CC or e-check as that would explain the delay

Posted at 9:16am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

e-checks still show immediately as "pending", and if they are doing a random security check, that will show as pending too

Posted at 9:19am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

artrajes says

so mooncircus she may have paid with one of those methods and it would not show up that she paid through an email or my paypal account? I will email her right now to find out what she paid with.

Posted at 9:21am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

I have had it take up to three days for it to show up, however the buyer knew this and made me aware of it before hand.

Posted at 9:22am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

do you have your correct paypal email in -your etsy- shipping & payments- payment info?

also, ask the customer for the paypal transaction# in the email they got from paypal. if they can provide that, then you can call paypal and find out where it is. if they cant, then they didnt actually finish and pay

Posted at 9:23am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

diningout says

It should show up immediately but sometimes it takes a couple of days. Not sure why.

Posted at 9:24am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

suesuegonzalas says:
I have had it take up to three days for it to show up, however the buyer knew this and made me aware of it before hand.

then, the customer likely didnt actually pay for 3 days. anytime a customer pays, it should show immediately as complete or pending

Posted at 9:24am Oct 13, 2010 EDT

I would check paypal and it would have the buyers name and say "payment pending till such and such a date." I have one in paypal right now like that. I am not sure why. When someone buys something and it is not paid for right away, I always check paypal to see if it is pending.

Posted at 9:30am Oct 13, 2010 EDT