Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp: Week 4

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Original Post

daniellexo says

Can you believe we're already on week 4? The first three weeks focused on the goods. Now we need to figure out how to package this work up for our online audience. This week we'll focus on writing for your Etsy shop, next week we'll get to photography.

Full instructions via the Etsy Success newsletter will arrive in your email inbox Thursday afternoon.

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Wondering what this Boot Camp thing is? Check out this Etsy Blog Post:

Have a productive week!

Posted at 3:47pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT


babyswank says

I can't wait to get the newsletter tomorrow! I was just thinking about packaging today! Keep em' coming!!

Posted at 3:56pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

Thank you!
I'm trying to get my self prepped and this is kicking my butt into shape.

Posted at 3:57pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

Wow, week 4 already!

Posted at 3:58pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

I just found a buddy!! Huge thanks to NSpottery - woo hoo!!

Posted at 4:26pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

Looking forward to a productive week and reading the newsletter! Working on some new goods at home and some packaged gift deals for season.

Posted at 4:29pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

Yes, I have a buddy as well. Hurray for FelicityKai !!
I got back from my vacation on friday I am just joining the boot camp. Lots to catch up on.
Good luck to everyone.

Posted at 10:16pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

gotta catch up!

Posted at 10:28pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

marking... excited for week for because my new font set will arrive!

Posted at 10:29pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT

oops week four *blushes*

Posted at 10:30pm Oct 13, 2010 EDT