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Original Post

Do you post in the forums, begin new topics, post treasuries, etc.......? Is everyone ignoring you? Then let's unite! Lets start right here and just keep posting here and on everything else, and share each others posts until no one is able to ignore us any longer!

Posted at 9:26pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT


I am sick of being ignored. I feel like posting items just isn't very effective, but I don't really know what else to do. :(

Posted at 9:31pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

yeah, me too. then, when I am on a citique or promotion thread it seems like everyone just goes right over me. That's why I am thinking we post our links here on this thread and share them with others. Eventually, hopefully, it will help.

Posted at 9:35pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

Yeah, I get the 'ignored' feeling sometimes. I think it's just that people post without reading the whole thread, or your post gets bumped by other threads and is quickly forgotten.

Nice idea to start this thread though. Hopefully you'll no longer be ignored!

Posted at 9:37pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

Yeah. Hopefully. I think the main problem seems to be that everyone in this thread is looking to sell their items, not to buy. And it seems to end up with just not much buying going on.

Posted at 9:37pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

So I just listed a new item, if any of you want to check it out and make me feel less ignored. :)

Tell me what you think!

Posted at 10:21pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

Yeah, these forums go too fast for my liking!

Hello everyone, I'm Andrea, 26, from Spain and I can't sleep.

Introduce yourselves?

Posted at 10:22pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

Hi Andrea, I am April from the US.

Posted at 10:28pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

I love the name April :)

Posted at 10:29pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT

Thank you.

Posted at 10:30pm Oct 14, 2010 EDT