10 Ways to Make the Most Out of Every Sale

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riskybeads says

While we all wait for the much-anticipated holiday rush to descend on us in our sleep, I put together a few ideas for making the most out of the customer you have TODAY. You can do 1 or all of these together or separately...

1. Send a freebie along with each order. Make sure it's something that people would want. Perhaps a scaled down version of another product or a sustainable marketing item like a magnet, etc. A thank you card goes a long way as well!

2. Invite customers to join your mailing list. (I've been using the PayPal Customer Service option, and I've added about 20 people since I started it. To do this, log into PayPal and go to: My Account/Profile/Selling Preferences/Custom Payment Pages/Option tab --> scroll down to see mailing list option.)

3. Send a coupon for their next purchase. You can do this by getting cheap biz cards printed as coupons or just put a label or paper coupon in the package. I often use labels because it allows me to customize my marketing materials. Most of the coupons I get from other sellers offer 5-10% off. I offer 15% off an order of $50 or more. Remember, not everyone will use their coupon, so there's no need to stress about what you offer. Send more than 1 coupon to encourage sharing and/or offer a referral discount. I offer my customers 15% off any item of their choice if they refer a new custom to me!

4. Send a brochure with FANTASTIC pictures of other products you sell. Perhaps offer a discount or coupon as part of the brochure. Using a brochure or postcard works nicely because people can easily show your products to folks who aren't online... co-workers in the lunch room, etc. You can keep it relative. If a person buys Lavender Body Butter from you, maybe send a brochure with pics/info on your other lavender products.

5. Invite your customer to a future secret sale--not too far in the future, say 2-3 weeks max AND/OR unveil a secret product and offer it early to your existing custom base.

6. Send along your Twitter and Facebook links...either on a card or via a convo/email when notifying about shipping.

7. If you have a significant customer base, send out a customer service/product survey and offer a nice coupon for customers that complete it.

8. Send samples of a new product and ask for feedback. This can be a great way to try out a new scent/flavor/color of something.

9. Offer an instant entry into a giveaway for their purchase. Advertise this in your shop announcement and be sure to give all details including if it's open to ALL customers regardless of location and what the opening and closing dates are for the draw. You could set up a giveaway each month for something small and automatically enter your customer in it when they purchase. Be sure to have a way that non-customers can enter as well.

10. Network with other Etsy sellers who sell complimentary products to yours, not direct competition. Offer to trade freebies for each seller's customers. The more ties a customer has to Etsy, the more likely they are to buy from you again!

These ideas were the result of a brain-storming session I had with myself today, lol. Hope they help. Have other ideas? Please share!

Happy Sales,

Posted at 2:12pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT


wow...impressive ideas and all super...where do you find time for your craft?

Posted at 2:15pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

riskybeads says

LOL, I seem to have spurts of sales followed by 'down time.' I just figure it out each day.

Posted at 2:17pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

WTFcharms says

Great ideas. I love the coupon idea.

Posted at 2:18pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

Those are awesome ideas. Just curious, however, does anyone think there is a point that bombarding the customer with stuff is overkill? It does depend on the product of course, but I know I've read in threads before that some people get kind of miffed at getting brochures, requests to be on mailing lists, magnets, samples, etc.

Just wondering about people's opinions...

Posted at 2:20pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

riskybeads says


Posted at 2:20pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

amorio says

Definitely some food for thought in this post!

Posted at 2:21pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

riskybeads says

Oh, there's definitely overkill or the possibility of overkill. You kind of have to try out different ones and see what works for your customer base which will likely change over time. With the economy in the shape it's in right now, I find people really respond to freebies and special discounts.

Posted at 2:22pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

jstinson says

Some great ideas there! Thanks for sharing.

Posted at 2:23pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT

riskybeads says


Posted at 2:25pm Oct 15, 2010 EDT