I hate cooked carrots.

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Original Post

gigglebot says

I love baby carrots, but I HATE them cooked. In any way, shape or form.

Why do they put cooked carrots in otherwise delicious food?


Posted at 12:18am Oct 16, 2010 EDT


flirtdeux says

I don't mind them so much anymore, but I could not stand them as a child and young adult. and they seem to put them in everything.

Posted at 12:22am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

Because carrots are good for you sweetie baby. You need to eat your carrots so you grow tall and strong. (That's what I said to "Miles" this very evening.)

Posted at 12:23am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

echoart says

Ooooh, I like them -- more so cut up full sized ones, though, rather than the baby ones. They're sweet. :)

Posted at 12:24am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

I love raw carrots, once in a while I will eat them cooked.

Have you had glazed carrots?? Now THOSE are delicious.

Posted at 12:25am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

Will agrees that the flavor of a carrot changes when you cook it. Carrots, celery, onions.... the flavor just instantly changes.

Me, I like carrots any way I can get em.

Posted at 12:25am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

woodturner says

Carrots are a natural sweetner. Shave them into thin strips with a potato peeler and add the shavings to spaghetti sauce instead of sugar.

I love carrots cooked in honey and real butter. I cut up a carrot or two into disks put into a dish, drizzle honey over them (quite a bit) slap on some butter, cover with saran wrap and put in the micro wave for about 7 minutes. A wonderful side dish.

If you eat too many carrots, your skin will turn an orange color, but I doubt you'll ever have that problem.

Posted at 12:31am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

blueditty says

Cooked carrots have nutrients that aren't adsorbed in raw ones.

Posted at 12:32am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

ZestyB says

I love raw peppers; hate cooked unless very small and not the lead ingredient...
bad in stir fry; ok in pasta sauce...

flip side - I love cooked mushrooms, hate them raw...

It's OK - don't eat cooked carrots. I like them, but understand you can have your own food funny bone.

Posted at 12:34am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

I do too!!!! Period!! I hate cooked carrots, they taste like water!

Posted at 12:35am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

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