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Original Post

BlackStar says

Yesterday I read this Storque article:

Before I go any further, I should say that I actually agree with the article.
What I'm not sure about is, is this appropriate content for our blog? I can see the topic being thrown around on the forum, but on the blog? I dunno~

You can run a search and see how many artists that sell their work ON this site use coral. Is this article fair to them? Seems like a form of calling out. Will any of them get harassing convos from someone who read the blog post?

Is that post the opinion of etsy management?
What's next? Fur? Feathers? Shells?

I would love to know what y'all thought after reading that post? Am I the only one that had that reaction?

I'll be in and out all day today, so if you don't see me around- I did not post and run. :)

Posted at 9:05am Oct 16, 2010 EDT


I can definitely see it having a negative effect on sellers with coral!
And I agree with your point...what's next...fur, feathers, shells?

Posted at 9:10am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

Katie your post brings up an important point(s) Is the content the opinion of etsy management or just a guest blogger? I see she neither buys nor sells on etsy.

There are lots of controversial materials used on etsy. Fur, feathers, shells, bones. Usually the posts get closed down as "calling out"

I generally agree with the article. I posted in the comments section, though.

Thank you so much for the information. As jewelry designers we are often faced with environmental and human concerns when choosing materials for our work.

I would never wear or use diamonds. I try as much as possible to use reclaimed silver, as silver mining has a devistating impact on both the land and the mine workers.

I don't think this topic has easy answers, lots of questions though.

Thanks for bring it up.


Posted at 9:22am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

I guess my main concern is that it should just present information, not opinions. And it flat out tells buyers not to buy coral. It should just give the facts and let the buyers choose for themselves.

Posted at 9:24am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

I totally agree real coral shouldn't be used and it is illegal in some countries to import it etc.

However I'm sure if I started a thread saying coral shouldn't be used it would soon be locked for calling out.

I feel the same way about butterfly wings or whole insects that are 'harvested' as soon as the insect emerges and before its wings begin to lose scales, I was appalled at Damien Hirst's latest piece - I think I can say that as I'm sure he hasn't got a shop here :).

Posted at 9:28am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

kaboogie says

It's the wrong place for this kind of activism, when they actually could hurt people's business. One of the comments about the shallow, fast growing coral that may be more sustainable, might not sink in amidst the rest. If they allowed an animal rights activist to post about not using leather, I'd be rip-roaring angry, even though I used mainly reclaimed leathers.

Posted at 9:28am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

PoleStar says

I agree, and many people feel just as strongly about fur yet they are told that there are many people on Etsy with a wide range of beliefs that should be respected.

I don't use coral, but I have seen it featured in jewelry on the front page and in the Storque Etsy Finds, and the current article stunned me.

I was also confused with the author's relationship with Etsy and/or the handmade movement.

Posted at 9:34am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

Such thoughtful interesting posts.

I wanted to share an unfortunate effect of this post. A fellow artist who uses coral in her work has already gotten some not so very nice convos today.

That's simply not fair.

Posted at 9:42am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

It was pr.

Posted at 9:44am Oct 16, 2010 EDT

Really good questions, I agree with the OP and would love to hear some input from admin

Posted at 9:45am Oct 16, 2010 EDT