Is anyone thinking that the Storque article...

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Original Post

EscapePod says

...raised a good point?

I don't know much about it, but it seems that if we can't sell the feathers of certain endangered birds or the furs of certain endangered animals, maybe there's a valid argument for not selling coral jewelry.

As I said, I don't know much about it so please enlighten me.

Posted at 7:14am Oct 18, 2010 EDT


queenginya says

I was glad for the info, I guess, as I didn't really know anything about the topic...but the last poster who pointed out all the discrpancies in the 'rules' had some major good points too.

Posted at 7:43am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

it was okay, but once again...I felt like I didn't need ETSY to enlighten me on what I should be buying.

I don't know..I'm just sort of like that when I shop.

Now, if that lady had a shop here at ETSY, and I landed on her shop page and see was saying all that, it'd be different. 'Cause I probably would have just passed it by...unless I did a search for "coral"

Posted at 7:48am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

JustBeadIt says

i haven't read it

*off to look*

Posted at 7:51am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

but then again, information is information..

But, it would be like Amazon saying how buying books is bad for the enviroment....but they sell books...

which is sorta weird...

Posted at 7:56am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

JustBeadIt says

heartbreak - where in NC are you?

Posted at 7:58am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

oh, and if I was a seller...I would not use the word "coral" in my descriptions right now..

(just seriously...look up "coral" and there's a bazillion items that come up)

Posted at 8:05am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

well, sometimes pieces of coral wash up on shore, I don't think there's anything wrong with using that

Posted at 8:10am Oct 18, 2010 EDT

I think it's a complicated issue. It's no secret that coral in jewelry isn't ethically pure, but if Etsy wants to come out against the use officially, the Storque article seems like an extremely backhanded way to do it.

[Fur and leather, also ethically problematic, many metals and gems, etc., all also sold on Etsy, not sure if there have been Storque articles condemning any of them, since I really don't read it]

Then again, it seems like a lot of the people who are enraged about the article tend to spend a lot of time being enraged about a lot of stuff, as evidenced by many forum threads.

Posted at 8:13am Oct 18, 2010 EDT're right..

I think more effort should be spent on re-vamping the entire site..than writing blogs that really not too many people read.

Posted at 8:20am Oct 18, 2010 EDT