And I quote - "A Lawsuit Waiting to be Filed"

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Original Post

For some reason, Etsy admin is not taking this situation very seriously. Here is something to consider - From reader comments on the AuctionBytes blog article regarding the Etsy coral debacle:

"One has to wonder how long before a class action defamation suit is filed against Etsy for the article. The article implies that there is no ethical coral to be had, but there is. It would be simple for an attorney to build up a case on this, and the libel that the article causes towards the sellers on Etsy that legally and ethically use coral. Not only has Etsy defamed part of their customer base, but by encouraging a boycott, is also directly adding to the defamation with a tacit loss of revenue.

It's a lawsuit waiting to be filed."

Posted at 9:17pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT


but wasn't it written by someone that doesn't even have an etsy account?

Posted at 9:25pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT

lisajune says

This is an issue we're taking very seriously. Thank you for posting, we very much value the ideas expressed and value all feedback we receive about our editorial content.

You can find Juliet speak here about the issue. We'll be continuing to discuss all sides of this issue.

Posted at 9:27pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT

lisajune says

And here's the link to Juliet's words:

If you would like to address us directly please don't hesitate to contact

Posted at 9:28pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT

lv2cr8 says

Hmm, very interesting.

Posted at 9:31pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT

Thanks lisajune!

Posted at 9:33pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT

TooSoonOld says

I think you got someone's attention.

Posted at 9:34pm Oct 18, 2010 EDT