Storque coral article discussion thread

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Original Post

RobWhite says

We're consolidating all of the discussion about the coral article in the Storque here.

You can find our editorial director's comments on this here:

Please make sure to follow our community policies, which you find here:

when posting to this or any other discussion in the Etsy Forums.

Posted at 6:56pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT


WEll, add me to the list of those who would like *at least* the urge to sign the petition down.

Posted at 7:00pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT


Rob - Why hasn't the offending article been removed? Isn't that the right thing to do?

Posted at 7:01pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

Does this mean you're shutting down the rest of the threads??!!

Posted at 7:01pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

Krystyna81 says

It's time to remove the article.

Posted at 7:02pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

oh, please take this down...

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

Rob, you are one of my favorite Admins. Do you know, at least, why Etsy hasn't taken down the blog post? As in, why *exactly* it is still up and live?

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

rtisan says

and now the petition to remove it is gone. Guess that's a slap in the face.

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT

Please delete the blog article. It's an insult to Etsy sellers on so many levels. And, yes, I read the official responses.

Posted at 7:03pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT