Storque coral article discussion thread

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SanDesign says

So regardless of wanting to make this all OK by talking about coral, it misses the issue.


Posted at 3:52pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

*warms hands by the campfire*

Posted at 3:52pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

TheDustyDog says:
RaiseYourFist says:
if everyone here wrote a blog post about sustainable coral useage and posted the links you would reach way more people and they would understand why you are upset - if you can't provide a counter opinion based in fact about how to sustainably use coral then maybe they where right.

I know very little about it, but I am sure those of you affected could educate people more effectively by blogging and link sharing - fact is whats done is done the post was made time to counter balance the opinion, especially if they don't have the facts strait.

That's already being done. Thank you.

Yup, an article is already in the works...

Posted at 3:52pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

San, love the teeth, BTW. Been meaning to tell you that for some time now.

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

Passes out with excitement!

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

*straggles in and sits next to san* what big moment are we watching for? this thread's waaay too long to try to catch up.

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

upzndowns says

wth, did everyone stop just in case they do close us down in 8 pages?

*hands out noisemakers left over from new year's eve*

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

heartsabustin says:
Swoon says:

They're a mass of contradictions at that age! All pumping fists and fighting talk, but totally in awe of Big Shiny Companies! Please tell me I was never that naive!!!


I was - I had the whole starry-eyed Etsy newbie thing going on. *gags off to the side*

I still love being here, but it's more like a long-term relationship in which you know you're getting the raw end of the deal, but you keep on anyway because there is something you're getting out of the relationaship.

* * * * *

I had a nearly 5 year relationship with Etsy until recently.


Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

Yes unions are pay-rolled by the company though.

A close friend of mine is actually a member of a very active group that helps form Unions against the grain of big corporations. One of the largest union organizers in the country actually.
I do believe the in the Revolutionary ethic, part of his job includes leading protests of thousands with the bullhorn - let me tell you I have personally distributed anti-corporate material and have actually done speaking engagements about how wal-mart is single handedly destroying the free market system -

I am not a fan I am not in awe of big companies, I am just saying they can be worked around - educate the masses not about why the thread exists but on why the post is flawed - with facts about how coral is obtained.

Those are what will change minds about the real root of the issue. Or just call me a troll a few more times and I will recoil to my spot under the bridge.

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT

I love you guys

Posted at 3:53pm Oct 26, 2010 EDT