How can you hang pictures/frames on angled walls?

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Original Post

There are a lot of photographs and other art pieces that I love here on etsy but I live in an attic and most of my walls are angled so not much room to hang anything.

Any suggestions on how to hang framed pieces on an angle so that it doesn't all come crashing down?

Posted at 10:52pm Oct 19, 2010 EDT


leaflette says

I think that command strips makes a frame hanging strip that's velcro? Maybe? So maybe you could put a strip on all four sides of the frame? I would think that would work as long as your frame isn't super heavy.

I looked it up for you:

Posted at 12:07am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

yep. command strips, I use them on all of my walls, and if you use enough, I'd guess they would hold anything at any angle :)

Posted at 12:27am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

I would (if it were me anyhow) put nails angled upwards to hold the bottom on.. but the velcro is a good idea too.. maybe better.

Posted at 12:48am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

thanks for the ideas, i thought about the command strips but they make me a little nervous :) don't want them letting go and getting me or scaring me to death, lol.

wonder if there are any kind of bracket-y things. Any other ideas?

Posted at 2:32am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Taleri says

you can use brackets and screw them into the wall using the appropriate bolt

Posted at 3:13am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Yup, mirror plates. :) They attach to the picture, then have holes to screw to your walls. Any angle will work! Ones that look like this:

Basically, it screw into the back of the frame with the 2 holes. So the round/one-hole end is sticking out. Flip it around onto the wall and you have a hole on each side flush with the wall, for screwing in.

Posted at 9:05am Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Thanks guys, I'm gonna have to find some of those. And then buy a bunch of stuff to hang!!! :D

Posted at 1:03am Oct 21, 2010 EDT

GoTo says


Posted at 1:32am Oct 21, 2010 EDT