Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp: Week 5

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Original Post

daniellexo says

Week 5?! Already!? Are you feeling a little burnt out yet? If so, I've included lessons to help keep you motivated in tomorrow's Etsy Success newsletter–hang in there!

I won't spoil the entire newsletter, but I will let you in on the final task. Your last task is to connect in this Etsy Forum thread. Let us know how you are doing and check out the progress of another seller. Let's give support for those who need it and share our own insights from the boot camp exercises.

Did you miss the first three Holiday Boot Camp newsletters? View them here:
Week 1 -
Week 2 -
Week 3 -
Week 4 -

Wondering what this Boot Camp thing is? How do you sign up? Check out this Etsy Blog Post for more info:

Have an unreasonably awesome week!

Posted at 5:53pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT


Can't wait to read the newsletter!! Still have some catching up to do on week 4 :)

Posted at 6:02pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Love those life lessons by Adam Braun. I printed it out too.

Posted at 5:14pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

WoooHooo week five already!!! Time is flying!
Water bottles for all my fellow bootcampers!!

Posted at 5:16pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

Yikes, I'm a week behind! I catch up tonight! Thanks Danielle!

Posted at 5:18pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

lumafina says

Loved the life lessons. I am still trying to get more of my goals done with google analytics! Thanks Danielle, you rock.

Posted at 5:34pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

gotto catch up!

Posted at 5:36pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

Ok, I admit it -- after week 1, I've been tossing the newsletters in my "save for later but really important" file!!! I've been prepping for three real world holiday craft fairs and the Etsy shop has been showing the effects. I will be playing catch up this weekend. Still really enjoying the newsletters. The life lessons were wonderful! Looking forward to reading this week's more thoroughly and reviewing the ones before. Thank you so much!

Posted at 5:38pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

Adam's program may not seem to be relevant, but I think the point is that he decided to stop putting off until tomorrow...and began his vision today! I find his 7 life lessons are true. My productive times ae parallel to them and if I ignore the lessons, success and production drop quickly!
I got working on photos since you at Etsy often stress they be very good. I am not as good as I will be, but must say that the $15 photo tent I got on Ebay has doubled the quality of the ones I am taking. Jewelry photos aren't easy, especially silver, so I will pass that along to those of you looking for a step up in quality.

Posted at 5:40pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT

Hmmm, if it's Week 5 should I be feeling all prepared for the holidays? Yikes, I'm not ready!

Posted at 5:41pm Oct 21, 2010 EDT