Jewelry Sellers- Craft Show Question

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Original Post

MoseyDog says

I am just starting out with a few local farmers markets, and am wondering...

What is the best way to transport all your jewelry items? Individual baggies? boxes?

How do you do it?

Posted at 9:49 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT


MoseyDog says

just looking for ideas, did a farmers market last weekend and think I was a little unorganized

Posted at 9:55 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

It can be done in many different ways, but a pet peeve of mine is when sellers individually affix earrings to a display rack or frame like this:

For one, you need to take the earrings on-and-off the rack each time you set up/tear down your show, which is time-consuming. It also can make the earrings easy to lose and tempting for customers to try them on (gross!).

I would buy/make hang-y cards for earrings to help keep the pairs together. This can be as simple as punching holes in your business cards, to buying the black velvety ones at the craft store. Some of my earrings (like my little origami cranes) would get smushed in a bag, so I don't use them for earrings.

For necklaces and bracelets, I transport mine in a plastic container with sections. You can find these at the craft store, too. The one I use is actually a nuts/bolts type sorter from the hardware section at Wal-Mart. I liked it because it had a variety of compartment sizes and was more heavy-duty than a regular bead sorter box.

I also like the idea of using a tackle box because they are very portable with assorted compartments.

At the show I just hang my necklaces on a rack. I regularly ship out my items in jewelry boxes, but I only take a few of them to shows for the extra-delicate pieces, or to accommodate someone who asks for special wrapping. Otherwise, I just place the customer's purchases in a brown paper lunch bag that has my logo stamped on it.

I only use clear bags for my handmade cards and and 1" button sets to protect them since they get handled a lot more than some of my other pieces.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Posted at 10:07 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Hi MoseyDog,

I do a weekly farmers market and I use a large rubbermaid tote to hold a bunch of smaller divided plastic bins, each one for different categories that I sell, so set up consists of grabbing each bin to set up that area and then the next, etc...
it's time consuming, but everything has a place and I've got it down to system.

not sure if that will work for your things, but it sure is easier to flip open one bin with compartments than it would be to open a whole bunch of seperate plastic bags!

I also have a seperate bin that holds all display fixtures and one for table cloths, overlays, & curtains. The bins also stack nicely in my car for transport, then slide under the table to be out of site, or sometimes I stack up 3 cover them with a table cloth to use a wrap station.

good luck, I've been doing this for several years and still feel a little unorganized :)

Posted at 10:11 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

this is the kind of container I'm talking about, I put more dividers in for bracelets and leave a long row open for necklaces on cords

I keep rings in the ring tray and the earrings I keep carded and on the display to save time, I have one of these earring displays that stores nicely on top of the smaller bins inside the bigger tote.

Posted at 10:18 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

I have boards made of insulation board and covered with wall paper(not the best) but then I stack them in a plastic bin. My earrings are on cards and hang from slated louver doors in the back of my display. My necklaces are in a small plastic container and then are placed on necklace bust at the show. It all fits neatly in the big bin that is on wheels. This also works for home shows without the louver doors.
I am never organized and at the end of the show I just take everything down and throw it in the bin. I usually clean it and reorganize at home.

Posted at 10:18 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

Hi, My cup of tea:
I do a show every week end.
1. I transport in items in zip lock baggies in a shoe box tote and then put them in another larger tote, these are my extra pieces.
2. My set up table pieces I put in baggies and on trays that slip into a jewelry tote bag so all I have to do is unwrap and put them on the table, I don't have to think what to put out,I set it up at home each time before hand to be sure I have enough for my display.
3. My earrings are carded and I put them on a sturdy commercial spinner rack. To transport I wrap it in bubble wrap and then put a white plastic garbage bag over it, this protects the earrings and they are show ready as I have 4 spinner racks, this way I can set it up at home, saves a lot of time and they look nice.

Posted at 10:19 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

I do a weekly market as well. If you're doing one that frequently, have a place to store it, and can fit it in your mode of transport, I recommend building displays that can hold your work ready to display. That way, it takes a minimal amount of time to set up each time, and everything is organized.

For example, I created an ice cube tray display that holds all of the stud earrings, a fake cake that holds all of the necklaces, etc. I take the displays out of my car, and voila!

Just make sure your displays can stand up to wind, hold your goodies securely, and make it easy for your customers to remove items they'd like to purchase.

Good luck!

Posted at 10:19 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

As a jeweler at any kind of show, one of the things you don't want to do is carry your items in a jewelry bag, which everyone knows is a jewelry bag. If heavy, I suggest one of the small suitcases with wheels. I haven't had much luck at such markets; just lots of compliments.

One nice idea I've seen for earrings, is to have a screen in a frame with a back support of some kind; easy to see, try on and put back. You can get covered jewelry display boxes at jewelry supply places for higher priced items. A display board covered with velvet, that you can use double pins to hold things in place, but are removable are also good. Also a hanging rack that keeps things visible is good.

Posted at 10:21 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

inedible your displays sound really cute... any photos for us to peek at ;)

and I agree wholeheartedly about the wind & ease of purchase, make it shopper friendly above all else!

Posted at 10:22 pm Oct 20, 2010 EDT

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