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Original Post

radged says

we the undersigned do not call for st clair's coral article to be pulled down. instead

1) we ask for a right to reply in an equivalent length article which will rebut claims by ms st clair that coral use in jewellery etc is ecologically unsound and destructive

2) we also ask etsy to withdraw the external links in st clair's article

3) and finally we ask that etsy reassure its customerts that it isn't going to sell out the handmade movement to companies making mass produced faux crafts.

Posted at 10:43am Oct 21, 2010 EDT


radged says

i sign

Posted at 10:43am Oct 21, 2010 EDT

lisajune says

We appreciate the input of everyone who has spoken with us on this issue.

You can find the words of our editorial director on this issue, here:

We have considered all sides, many of the points brought up you will see reflected in future editorial content.

Please direct all further discussion on this topic, here:

Posted at 10:56am Oct 21, 2010 EDT