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Lbtoyos says

I can´t stumble all items (tuesday have the same problem), is there any limit???

Posted at 4:37pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

laurali says

Yes, LB. There's some limit to how many new ones you can do. Once they've already been stumbled, you seem to be able to click "I Like It" over & over.

The next person who grabs the list, please stumble from the bottom up :-).

Posted at 4:39pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

Lbtoyos says

Ok, I didn´t know that and I looked like explorer didn´t run. Ok, I have see the "like it", so I suppose three news are the limit or four, I tried to put all... LOL

Posted at 4:47pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

New wedding and bridal section at Sweet and Sassy Cards

I've added wedding and special occasion place card set to my wedding tags

Posted at 4:53pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

laurali says

Sassy, I don't know if this is your kind of thing but someone is looking for birthday invitations on this thread:

Posted at 5:04pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

Posted many new items last night!

Check them out..


Posted at 5:35pm Nov 11, 2010 EST

**Closes in 10 minutes, but will reopen later** Come join this BNR! Lots of goodies today!

Posted at 5:56pm Nov 11, 2010 EST