What to do with a child who refuses to apply himself in school???

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Original Post

He is special needs (Aspergers Autism) but very bright. He has trouble with organization and needs some redirection at times. He's in the 8th grade and is totally integrated with peers. We've pulled back on his paraprofessional quite a bit this year because he's capable of doing the work on his own if given a bit of extra time. He's refusing to work, loosing homework, lying to us regarding grades. He got his first detention ever today. We've punished him, taken privledges away, etc. nothing fazes him In general he is quite lazy and we are always after him to clean up after himself etc. I'm making an appointment with the school to discuss this. I'm at a loss how to get through to him that he needs to "get with the program"....any suggestions?

Posted at 4:40pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT


Sorry you're going through this (((hugs)))

I'm sure you'll get some good advice here.

Posted at 4:43pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

amamabear says

Even though he can do the work on his own, maybe he needs the encouragement of the paraprofessional? Maybe he needs the daily support; a coach of sorts that inspires him to do the work instead of punishing him when he doesn't? Maybe trying to do everything *you* want him to do is just too much for him.

Posted at 4:45pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

This has nothing to do with his having Aspergers. My daughter could pull A's out of the air with out trying but she flat out refuses.

Posted at 4:48pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

The paraprofessional is in the room with another student and tries to give him some organizational guidence but he will just ignore her. We don't always punish him, mostly when he intentionally lies or does something really bad. I've been doing much more talking than punishing but it's not getting me anywhere.

Posted at 4:49pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

PurpleMoon - what are you doing? Anything?

Posted at 4:51pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

ask him if he wants to work in mcdonalds for the rest of his life

as study now as you wont get an op in years to come, n youll be stuck in life as the posistion where you will neevr get a decent job or be able to spell oppurtunity

Posted at 4:51pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

btw 8th grade, i dunno how old that is, might be a bit harsh for a young kid lol

Posted at 4:51pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

He's 13 soon to be 14.

Posted at 4:52pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT

amamabear says

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where people were expecting something of you that you could do, but didn't really feel like doing?

Posted at 4:52pm Oct 27, 2010 EDT