how to heat seal ribbon

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Original Post

I've seen posts on etsy and elsewhere that say the ribbon on their hair bows has been heat sealed. I can't find this technique anywhere, not even on youtube! does anyone know how to do this?

Posted at 11:05am Oct 30, 2010 EDT


I use a lighter when I use ribbon for craft projects, but you have to be quick, lol. If you do it right, you can't even see it.

Here's more info:

Posted at 11:26am Oct 30, 2010 EDT

I have used the wood burner, but it leaves a ridge on the edge of the ribbon that I didn't like. It was a really easy and quick way to cut and seal ribbon at the same time. You simply use the wood burner on a metal surface with a metal ruler to give you a straight edge.

My favorite technique is to use one of those liquid tea lights like this:

I think I got mine at Target or Walmart right around Halloween time. They are great because they don't put off smokey soot that can stain the ribbon like I found that candles do. If you hold the ribbon slightly away from the flame and watch carefully, you can get a nice sealed ribbon without a noticeable edge.

Posted at 8:57pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Very interesting... marking!

Posted at 9:39pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

I usually light a candle, press the cut tail onto a wet sponge to moisten, then very quickly wave it back and forth over the candle's flame. If you're quick about it, it seals perfectly to stop fraying, and you won't get the singed effect, because it's damp... unless you want the singe, of course ;)

Posted at 10:18pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

jacc2007 says

If you're like me and afraid that you'll burn up all your ribbon, you can also use an alternative method like clear nail polish just on the ends... You can't see it and it dries very quickly.

Posted at 5:50pm Nov 2, 2010 EDT

Triskelt says

Has anyone used the ribbon printing machine for sale at places like Michael's? I saw one on sale for under $100 and was wondering if it can seal as well as print.

Posted at 6:01pm Nov 2, 2010 EDT

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