Tutorial: How to find your User ID# VERY IMPORTANT!

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Original Post

Since Etsy has done away with the User ID field on our profile pages, here is a simple way to find yours. Go to Google and search for your Etsy profile link. For example mine would be www.etsy.com/people/aromaticbodyoils

Once the results come up, click on cached. If your store cached before the 26th of October, you should be able to scroll down to the lower part of the page and find your User ID. Copy it down and keep it safe somewhere (open an email and save it as a draft, or write it down and tape it to your monitor.)

If you are looking for someone else's user ID to create an Etsy mini (one of the main reasons I use it), you can do the same thing to find their user ID. Unfortunately this method won't last for long, so I suggest you at least do it for yours soon. Maybe we can all start putting a sentence in our profiles that say something like:

"My user ID is 000000." And keep it there for people who need to know it.

Posted at 4:36pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT


You can also view the user ID by going to your shop and hovering over the "See who Favorites This" and the ID will be in the link that shows at the bottom of your screen. Why this was even taken away is a head scratcher!

Posted at 4:39pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Here is what sean had to say.


"The Etsy user ID is becoming less visible because it's less useful and will likely at some point be removed from the Etsy API. Applications that use the new Etsy API have no reason to ask for your user ID -- your username can accomplish the same thing. You can create an Etsy Mini for your shop from inside Your Etsy without knowing your Etsy user ID. You can also download all your listing data for use outside Etsy without knowing your Etsy user ID.

We know some folks create Etsy Minis for other members' shops by manually plugging in that member's user ID. The Etsy Mini will be rewritten and relaunched and will support this use case, though admittedly not any time soon. If you need someone's user ID, you can currently find it via their Shop Policies link, Hearts Me link and Request Custom Items link.

If there's another reason you require your Etsy user ID that we aren't aware of, please let us know about it. We have no plans to make it available again on the profile page.

Sean "

Posted at 4:44pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Thank you both for the info!

Posted at 4:49pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

jstinson says


Posted at 4:49pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Thanks Aromatic, I wasn't able to get it the first way, but the see who favorites this thing worked. Now at least I have it for my records.

Posted at 4:50pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Thank you aromatic. I was just about to start a thread about how frustrated I was b/c I can't find my user id. If I don't find it I'll be back.

Posted at 4:52pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

Thanks for the information. You're right sandcastle I couldn't find it the first way either.

Posted at 4:55pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

jstinson says

Well, didn't need to mark. I just did it. Thanks for your help...worked like a charm!

Posted at 4:55pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT

As I suggested in another thread, we should all write our numbers down for future use so we have them before they completely disappear.

Posted at 4:58pm Oct 30, 2010 EDT